Can Sandy Win the Oscar?

Or can the Academy live with themselves if she wins the Oscar the day after she wins the Razzie, for which she’s almost guaranteed to win for All About Steve.

Do they really like her enough to reward her for one good performance the same year she gave one really horrible performance? Is it fair to punish Meryl Streep for being the most Academy Award-Nominated Actress of all time? Is it her fault that she is so good?

And really, the last time she won was 30 years ago. It seems really unfair to me. But who ever said the Academy Awards were fair?

But then again, remember when Eddie Murphy seemed to be the front-runner for Dreamgirls? And then Norbit happened. And then Alan Arkin won the Oscar. Maybe that’ll happen again. Maybe.

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  1. yankeefrommississippi

    I still think Meryl’s got a shot – I have to think that because I love her and she’s way overdue for that third Oscar. But I have to say my hopes are fading. What really kills me is that Bullock’s movie got a BP nom, while Meryl’s didn’t get any other nominations. So I think it’ll be Sandra come next month.

    • I just think it is so ridiculous that someone like Streep, who gives wonderful performance after wonderful performance, gets more nominations than anyone ever, keeps losing because “oh well, she’s got two already.” That shouldn’t matter. She’s the best. GIVE HER HER DUE. But then, Katherine Hepburn waited 34 years between winning her first Oscar and winning 2 and 3. So perhaps Meryl’ll get hers at some point…

  2. I think it’s going to be an interesting race to the Oscar. As Meryl has picked up award after award for her role as Julia Child in Julie & Julia. Which has kept her apart from Sandra Bullock with it being nominated in the comedy sections. I have not yet seen The Blind Side. But I would love to see Meryl win another Oscar, total madness that she has not won for 30 years now.

  3. I think Meryl’s got a chance. So far she’s won more awards for Julie&Julia than Sandra has for The Blind Side. and I did see the blind side, and as heartwarming it was, her performance just wasn’t that great. I believe anyone could’ve played her role, but only Meryl could pull off Julia freaking Child. As much as I love Sandra, I loved Meryl’s performance a lot better, and she better get that third Oscar. She deserves it.

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