New Trailer For Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought A Zoo”

This trailer depresses me. I love Cameron Crowe. I love Matt Damon. I love Sigur Ros. But this trailer depresses me.

It looks like a rehash of every other Cameron Crowe movie, instead of something new. It’s got a scene eeriely similar to when Jerry Maguire quits his job, only this time with Damon instead of Crowe. Even the scene in the photo I posted looks like it was ripped out of Vanilla Sky. I hated Elizabethtown and this trailer is not making me want to give Crowe another chance despite how much I love his earlier work…

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  1. Wow, this…does not look good. Also, as much as I love Hoppipolla, it should probably be banned from all trailers ever – it automatically makes everything feel more scripted and less authentic. And when your best movie is basically autobiographical, shouldn’t you always be aiming for that same level of authenticity?

    On a shallow note, what have they done to Matt Damon’s hair?

  2. Cheesy song, cute little kids and inspirational dialogue aside, I’m not sold. This all feels overly sentimental to me, almost as if this was some kind of cheesy TV episode of Dawson Creek or a Hallmark channel movie. Going for the heartstring doesn’t have to be that obvious, does it?

  3. I love what I’ve heard of the soundtrack…Jonsi is a genius..”Gathering Stories” is a great song!
    I heard it&some of the other songs on NPR’s website..very impressed..

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