Hosting Films with Milyoni Social Cinema on Facebook

I know a lot of you have said you wished you could watch a movie with me, but unfortunately we’re spread all over the globe. Luckily for you, I may have somewhat of a solution. I have been working with Milyoni, home of what they call Social Cinema, and have “curated” several films for them. You can find some of the films I have hosted here on Facebook. The first two films available are Carnival of Souls and the original version of The Little Shop of Horrors. More films will be added throughout the week.


What’s wonderful about Milyoni’s Social Cinema is it lets you interact with the film’s history, as well as with me as a viewer. As you watch the film, you will see facts about the making of the films and the filmmakers, as well as a running commentary by yours truly. I’d love it if you gave it a try and I’ll keep you updated as films get added!

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  1. How great! And how timely – re Little Shop of Horrors. Haven’t seen it for decades.

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