For Your Consideration – The Hangover

I had this thought that perhaps The Hangover should win Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

Surely it will get one of the ten nominations – it’s exactly the reason the Academy opened up the race to ten. It’s popular with critics and audiences alike. It did amazingly well at the box office – made on a budget of roughly $35 mil it has grossed almost $300 mil. The characters are likable and fresh. The screenplay has garnered nominations at both the BAFTAs and the WGA.

The Film’s director Todd Phillips practically re-invented the Bro-comedy genre with 2003’s Old School and now with The Hangover winning Best Comedy at the Golden Globes, it seems he has perfected it.

A straight up comedy hasn’t even been nominated since 1994, when the romantic comedy Four Wedding and a Funeral was up for the top prize. To clarify, I consider Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, As Good As It Gets, The Full Monty and Jerry Maguire dramadies and Chicago and Moulin Rouge! are musicals, thus not what I mean by comedy.

What I’m saying is maybe it’s time for the Academy to lighten up a little bit and honor a movie that (almost) everyone loved. A movie that people will return to time and time again. A movie that has its inspiring moments and has its ridiculous moments and has its tender moments. A movie that is an escape in the best sense of the word. 

Perhaps this is asking too much of the Academy. It could also be the best idea they never had.

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  1. I’m ready for it. And I am an old broad 58 years old. I loved this movie and have already seen it 3 times and will watch again. I takes me back to my younger days when I laughed my ass off while kicking a seat in front of me during Animal House. It would make be believe in the Oscars again.

  2. Can you imagine the uproar? I almost want it to win just so all the stuffed shirts can get upset about it.

    • I really think it would be a brilliant move on the Academy’s behalf. Backlash-wise, it couldn’t be any worse than the backlash received after Crash or Chicago won. It’s critically acclaimed, it did well at the box office, it’s won/been nominated for numerous awards. Really the only thing it has against it is the lack of a Producers Guild nomination, which I really thought it’d get.

      But how fun would it be to see all those guys up on the stage (you know Mike Tyson would be there!) and then the parties afterward. Chaos.

  3. Oooh Erin – me too LOL Maybe it would show some people how to make money too. It’s at 1000% profit.

  4. I am in major agreement. The idea is brilliant. This movie is fabulous, and it gets better with each watch. : )

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