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Movie Quote of the Day – Notorious, 1946 (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Alicia: This is a very strange love affair.
Devlin: Why?
Alicia: Maybe the fact that you don’t love me.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Big Combo, 1955 (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)

Alicia Brown: I’d rather be insane and alive, than sane. . .and dead.

The Artist Tops New York Film Critics Circle Awards

I am so glad The Artist is opening here in San Francisco this weekend so I can see it and have opinions that are all my own. I’m also happy that Jessica Chastain is getting the attention we all knew she deserved. I just hope her multiple awards-worthy performances don’t shut each other out come Oscar time.

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The Artist Leads The Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

For once I’ve actually seen most of these films before the nominees were announced. And can we talk about how perfect the Best Supporting Actor category is?! I’m supposed to see The Artist this weekend, so that’s exciting. The silent film leads with five nominations, followed by Drive, Take Shelter and The Descendants with four each.

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Oscar Vault Monday – To Kill A Mockingbird, 1962 (dir. Robert Mulligan)

1962 is a tough year to talk about because two of the greatest and most beloved films of all-time came out that year: Lawrence of Arabia and To Kill A Mockingbird; both were nominated for Best Picture. I feel the need to mention a few other amazing films from that year that weren’t up for the top prize: Birdman Alcatraz, Days of Wine and Roses, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Manchurian Candidate and Lolita. Also four films that I haven’t yet seen, but have been meaning to: Divorce Italian Style, Last Year At Marienbad, Through a Glass Darkly and The Miracle Worker. The other three films nominated for Best Picture that year were: The Longest Day, The Music Man and Mutiny on the Bounty. I love The Longest Day and have yet to see The Music Man, but I must say the 62 remake of Mutiny on the Bounty has not aged well at all and is waaaay longer than it has any right to be. I guess my point is that 1962 was one heck of year for film and you owe it to yourself to get to know some (if not all) of these great films. This is not a “the Academy got it wrong” post; this is a “how were they even able to choose?!” post. To Kill A Mockingbird was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won three: Best Score, Best B&W Cinematography, Best B&W Art Direction (won), Best Adapted Screenplay (won), Best Supporting Actress Mary Badham, Best Director, Best Actor Gregory Peck (won), Best Director and Best Picture.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Crossfire, 1947 (dir. Edward Dmytryk)

Ginny: Okay, where were you when he needed you? Maybe you were someplace having beautiful thoughts. Well, I wasn’t. I was in a stinkin’ gin mill, where all he had to do to see me was walk in, sit down at the table and buy me a drink and that’s all I know about it. I didn’t ask him if he killed anybody.

Movie Quote of the Day – Night and the City, 1950 (dir. Jules Dassin)

Phil Nosseross: You don’t know what you’re walking into.
Helen Nosseross: I know what I’m walking out of.

Movie Quote of the Day – Nightmare Alley, 1947 (dir. Edmund Goulding)

Carny #1: How can a guy sink so low?
Carny #2: He reached too high.

Movie Quote of the Day – Leave Her To Heaven. 1945 (dir. John M. Stahl)

Richard Harland: You killed him. You let Danny drown, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!
Ellen Berent Harland: Yes. Yes, I did and I’d do it again! I didn’t want him around; I didn’t want anyone but you!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Big Clock, 1948 (dir. John Farrow)

Louise Patterson: Isn’t it a pity? The wrong people always have money.