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Movie Quote of the Day – The Witches, 1990 (dir. Nicolas Roeg)


Miss Eva Ernst: Any questions?
Millie: Madam, what would happen if one of the chocolates we give away was accidentally eaten by a grown-up?
Miss Eva Ernst: Then that’s just too bad for ze grown-up.

Movie Quote of the Day – Atlantic City, 1980 (dir. Louis Malle)


Sally: Teach me stuff.
Lou: Like what?
Sally: What you know.
Lou: You want information or wisdom?
Sally: Both.

Movie Quote of the Day – 30 Days of Night, 2007 (dir. David Slade)


The Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella Oleson: He’s just trying to freak us out.
Jake Oleson: It’s working.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mona Lisa Smile, 2003 (dir. Mike Newell)


Katherine Watson: It’s brilliant, really. A perfect ruse. A finishing school disguised as a college. Well, they got me.
Bill Dunbar: What do you expect?
Katherine Watson: More! More! I thought I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives!

Movie Quote of the Day – A Raisin in the Sun, 1961 (dir. Daniel Petrie)


Walter: You look young this morning, baby.
Ruth: Yeah?
Walter: Yeah. Just for a second, stirring them eggs, you looked real young again.
Ruth: [gives him the look]
Walter: It’s gone now. You look like yourself again.
Ruth: Man, if you don’t shut up and leave me alone. . .
Walter: You know, the first thing a man ought to learn in this life is not to make love to no woman early in the morning. You all are some evil creatures 8 o’clock in the morning.

Movie Quote of the Day – Blades of Glory, 2007 (dir. Josh Gordon, Will Speck)


Chazz: Mind-bottling, isn’t it?
Jimmy: Did you just say mind-bottling?
Chazz: Yeah, mind-bottling. You know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?

Movie Quote of the Day – Chamber of Horrors, 1940 (dir. Norman Lee)


June: I for one can think of a much better way to spend the evening.
Dick: Some nightclubs are not much better.

Movie Quote of the Day – Wild Wild West, 1999 (dir. Barry Sonnenfeld)


Artemus Gordon: I only have one request: that you aim for my heart, my heart which has loved this country so much.
Dr. Arliss Loveless: Shoot him in the head.
Artemus Gordon: Damn.

Movie Quote of the Day – Evil Dead II, 1987 (dir. Sam Raimi)


Annie: Recitation of this first passage will make this dark spirit manifest itself in the flesh.
Ash: Why the hell would we want to do that?

Movie Quote of the Day – Tristana, 1970 (dir. Luis Buñuel)


Don Lope: It’s good to have dreams, even if they’re frightening. . .The dead don’t dream.