Monthly Archives: April 2013

Movie Quote of the Day – Dogville, 2003 (dir. Lars von Trier)


Grace: There’s a family with kids. Do the kids and make the mother watch. Tell her you’ll stop if she can hold back her tears. I owe her that. [beat] I’m afraid she cries a little too easily.

Movie Quote of the Day – White Oleander, 2002 (dir. Peter Kosminsky)


Ingrid: Love humiliates you. Hatred cradles you. It’s soothing.

Movie Quote of the Day – To Rome With Love, 2012 (dir. Woody Allen)


Joan: Can you imagine working all that time on your back?
Anna: I can.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dear God, 1996 (dir. Garry Marshall)


State Judge: Now, you can demand a trial or in lieu of a plea, you can accept the recommendation of this court. What this court recommends is that you, the defendant, Tom Turner, AKA, Tom the Preacher, Tom the Con and Tom the Worm, you, sir, have one week to find a job. A real job. Nine to five, five days a week, for a year.
Tom Turner: Nine to five? That seems a bit excessive.

Movie Quote of the Day – All That Heaven Allows, 1955 (dir. Douglas Sirk)


Kay Scott: It’s about time you wore something besides that old black velvet.
Cary Scott: Is it?
Kay Scott: Of course. Personally, I’ve never subscribed to that old Egyptian custom. At least I think it was Egypt.
Cary Scott: What Egyptian custom?
Kay Scott: Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chamber of her dead husband along with his other possessions. The theory being that she was a possession too. She was supposed to journey into death with him. The community saw to it that she did. Of course it doesn’t happen anymore.
Cary Scott: Doesn’t it? Well, perhaps not in Egypt.

Movie Quote of the Day – Frankie and Johnny, 1991 (dir. Garry Marshall)


Frankie: You don’t just decide to go falling in love with people!
Johnny: Why not?
Frankie: They don’t like it!

Movie Quote of the Day – Terms of Endearment, 1983 (dir. James L. Brooks)


Garrett Breedlove: I like the lights on.
Aurora Greenway: Then go home and turn them on.

Movie Quote of the Day – My Brilliant Career, 1979 (dir. Gillian Armstrong)


Sybylla: I think ugly girls should be strangled at birth by their parents. It’s bad enough being born a girl. . .but ugly and clever. . .
Aunt Gussie: Oh, fancy you’re clever, do you?
Sybylla: I rather hope so. I’m done for if I’m not!

Movie Quote of the Day – Heartburn, 1986 (dir. Mike Nichols)


Rachel Samstat: You probably think it’s very bourgeois to cook for somebody on the first date. You probably think I do this for everybody.
Mark Forman: Rachel, I love this. When we’re married, I want this once a week.
Rachel Samstat: I’m never getting married again. I don’t believe in marriage.
Mark Forman: Neither do I.

Movie Quote of the Day – Penelope, 2006 (dir. Mark Palansky)


Max: All Halloween I’ve been running into someone I used to know.
Penelope:  This someone – she meant a lot to you.
Max: Yes, yes she did.
Penelope: What happened?
Max: I couldn’t give her what she wanted.
Penelope: What did she want?
Max: To be free.