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Movie Quote of the Day – I, The Jury, 1953 (dir. Harry Essex)


Charlotte Manning: There’s so much we could do together, Mike, the two of us.
Mike Hammer: Time’s running out, Charlotte. No plans for the New Year?
Charlotte Manning: The world, Mike, it could be ours!
Mike Hammer: I never wanted the world! Just room enough for the two of us!

Movie Quote of the Day – Pitfall, 1948 (dir. André De Toth)


John Forbes: Whatever happened to those two people who were going to build a boat and sail around the world?
Sue Forbes: Well, I had a baby. I never did hear what happened to you.

Female Filmmaker Friday: The Bigamist, 1953 (dir. Ida Lupino)

I read about this film in a book that traced the history of Los Angeles’s Bunker Hill in the movies (mostly focusing on film noir) and this film was mentioned because Lupino filmed several scenes in that neighborhood. After I saw the synopsis and the cast (Edmond O’Brien, Joan Fontaine and Ida herself), I just had to watch it. It’s a great drama (with film noir elements; I think you could definitely make the case that it is noir) about a man who finds himself married to two women.


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Movie Quote of the Day – The Dark Mirror, 1946 (dir. Robert Siodmak)


Ruth Collins: Terry and I have never been rivals. Never. Not in the slightest.
Dr. Scott Elliott: All women are rivals fundamentally. But, it doesn’t bother them because they automatically discount the successes of others and alibi their own failures on the grounds of circumstances. Luck, they say. But, between sisters, it’s a little more serious. The circumstances are generally about the same, so they have fewer excuses of which to comfort themselves. That’s why sisters can hate each other with such terrifying intensity. And, as for twins, especially identical twins, well, you must have some ideas yourself what agonies of jealousy are possible.

Movie Quote of the Day – Thieves’ Highway, 1949 (dir. Jules Dassin)


Nico ‘Nick’ Garcos: Soft hands.
Rica: Sharp nails.
Nico ‘Nick’ Garcos: You like to make tough, huh?
Rica: I am tough.

Movie Quote of the Day – Witness to Murder, 1954 (dir. Roy Rowland)


May: I bet you never had a man. I’ve had more men after me than you can count! That’s my trouble: men. They’re always after me. Something about me, I don’t know what.

Movie Quote of the Day – Crime Against Joe, 1956 (dir. Lee Sholem)


Joe Manning: Slacks, are you a nice girl, Slacks?
Frances ‘Slacks’ Bennett: Well, either way I wouldn’t want it known.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dark City, 1950 (dir. William Dieterle)


Fran Garland: You’re a million miles away, Danny.
Danny Haley: I don’t know where I am.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Turning Point, 1952 (dir. William Dieterle)


Amanda Waycross: It’s getting late.
Jerry McKibbon: Does it matter?
Amanda Waycross: It’s supposed to.

Movie Quote of the Day – I Wake Up Screaming, 1941(dir. H. Bruce Humberstone)


Ed Cornell: Nice little place you got here. The garden of hope. Do you believe in hope, Miss Lynn?
Jill Lynn: Naturally. What’s the good of living without hope?
Ed Cornell: It can be done.