June 2016 in Films

I managed to fit about 3 films a week in this June, not counting re-watches, of which there were many! As always, the list of everything I watched is after the cut, as well as a few films I really loved.


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A Handful of Films: May 2016 in Films

May was another slow month for me. I think once I get more adjusted to my move (and actually get completely unpacked!) I’ll get more into the groove of watching films again. I only saw  10 (ten!) new-to-me movies in May. Although I did a lot of re-watching; revisiting films I hadn’t seen in year like Girl, Interrupted reminded me why it meant so much to 20-something me and Autumn In New York reminded me that it is still not a very good film. I also re-watched favorites such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Longest Day, The Best Years of Our Lives, and The Big Parade. I’m also thisclose to finishing my Mad About You complete series re-watch before my 30th birthday. Lastly, I revamped my 100 Favorite Movies (As Of Right Now) list. As always, you can see everything I watched in May after the cut.


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Return of the Sunday Morning Western and More From April 2016 in Films

Sorry this is a few days late! I was out-of-town all week for my 6th TCM Classic Film Festival – my first as part of #TCMHQ! I had a blast! Although I only saw two films (when I usually see 15 to 17), I got to see one of my all time favorite films The Endless Summer (and met director Bruce Brown!), as well as Rocky (which is always great on the big screen). I also finally met Serge Bromberg from Lobster Films! It was a great fest. As always, a list of everything I watched in April – plus a few favorites – can be found after the cut.


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No Home Movies: March 2016 in Films

As many of you know, I moved across the country in March to start working at #TCMHQ . Packing up my life and started a new job at in a new city ( and driving across 8 states) was quite the ordeal. In fact it didn’t leave much time for movie watching. I was hoping to relaunch Movie Quote of the Day thus month, but it may be a bit longer. Please keep following the Facebook page for cool links and (mostly) female directed movies centric news. As always, the list of what I did manage to watch can be found after the cut.


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Housewarming Stuffs!

As many of you know, I just packed up and moved from California to Georgia for a new job. In doing so I gave almost everything I owned to friends or charities (10+ years of adult belongings!), so I am starting at zero in terms of household items.

I set up some wish lists/registries for my family to send me housewarming gifts, but I thought I’d share them with y’all, because as Blanche DuBois says





p.s. I hope to get the blog back up and running in April!

Black History Month: February 2016 in Films

So I had a pretty hectic month and thus I definitely did not keep up the pace of one film a day (this year is probably going to continue down that path). Before I get into the films I watched this month, I have some big news! This Friday, March 4th, is going to be my last day at Rotten Tomatoes! I have taken a job with Turner Classic Movies aka TCM aka the greatest thing to ever happen to movies! This means I will be relocating from Los Angeles to Atlanta. This also means things are going to be really, really hectic in March (and maybe April!) and thus I am going on a bit of a hiatus after this post. What that means: no Movie Quote of the Day until I get settled. This could mean all of March, it could mean into April, it could mean less. I’m really not sure. I will, however, do a wrap-up post for March, although it may only be a handful of films. That said, I did watch several great films in February, and as always you can see the full list after the cut!


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Movie Quote of the Day – Out of Time, 2003 (dir. Carl Franklin)


Matt Lee Whitlock: Try the crab, it’s real good.
Chris Harrison: Nah, I’m allergic.
Matt Lee Whitlock: I know.

Movie Quote of the Day – Yelling To The Sky, 2011 (dir. Victoria Mahoney)


Sweetness O’Hara: Stop! What are you doing? What? This is just bizarre. Seriously, what? What do you want?
Gordon O’Hara: I’m worried about you.
Sweetness O’Hara: It’s too late for that.
Gordon O’Hara: Well, maybe, but I’m here now.
Sweetness O’Hara: You’re a little late.
Gordon O’Hara: Look, Sweetie, I’m here now!

Movie Quote of the Day – Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, 2005 (dir. Michel Gondry)


Dave Chappelle: That was “‘Round Midnight” I was playing. That’s the Thelonious Monk song. One of my favorite musicians, ’cause his timing was so ill. Every comedian is a stickler for timing, and Thelonious Monk was off time, yet perfectly on time. You should study it. If you’re an aspiring comedian, or an aspiring musician, you should study it. Which brings me to my next point. Comedians and musicians, we’re like this: [interlocks fingers] Every comic wants to be a musician. Every musician thinks they’re funny. It’s a very strange relationship that we have. Some musicians are funny. Some comedians can play. I’ll give you an example: Mos Def – funny guy; Jamie Foxx – good singer and piano player. So you never know, you never know what kind of talents a person has. I am mediocre at both, but I’ve managed to talk my way into a fortune. Life is a funny and unpredictable thing!

Movie Quote of the Day – In Too Deep, 1999 (dir. Michael Rymer)


God: Stinking motherfucking bitch.
Jeff Cole: What’s up with the little man?
God: Smells like he messed up his diaper. You’ll be alright boo-boo.


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