May 2017 in Films

May was another month filled with auteurist completism. I tried to finish all of Michelangelo Antonioni’s films. While I didn’t finish all of his films, I did see everything we had streaming on FilmStruck and am only a few films shy of completing his directorial filmography. I also watched more Varda. My plan is to finish all her films on FilmStruck by the end of June. In May I also watched auteur television and by that I mean season two of Master of None, which was a fabulous tribute to Italian cinema. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already! As always, you can find my favorite films of the month + everything I watched after the cut.

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April 2017 in Films

Here we are again! April mostly consisted of continuing my binge rewatch of Frasier – and I finally finished! Yes, 11 seasons, 263 episode – watched! That show really holds up, jsyk. I also spent a good deal of April in Los Angeles for the TCM Classic Film Festival (the highlight of my year every year!) and stayed an extra week on vacation. Despite all that, I did almost make it 30 films in April, thanks mostly to FilmStruck. So many films, so little time! As always, you can see everything I watched after the cut, as well as some highlights.

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March 2017 in Films

So March was another month with low new-to-me viewing numbers (although I did much better than last March!) This was partially due to attending SXSW (for work, not for movie watch; though I did get a few in) and also I fell down a Frasier re-watch rabbit hole. I watched eight whole season of Frasier last month!!! It really holds up. Anyways, as always you can see everything I watched below , as well as some favorites.

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February 2017 in Films

As 2017 continues on its way I continued to do a lot of rewatch in February. This included a four-day rewatch of both season of Twin Peaks + Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (and the 90 minute feature known as The Missing Pieces). Let me tell you, it was time well spent. I did, however, get several new-to-me films in, including a few 2016 stragglers and a gem of a 2017 film. I polished off a whole bunch of Chantal Akerman films. Oh, and I watch Moonlight in theaters for a 4th time!  All in all, February was a pretty good month for the movies. Howabout them Oscars, huh? As always, you can find all the films I watched after the cut as well as a few favorites.

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January 2017 in Films

Can you believe this will be my seventh year doing these monthly viewing recaps? In 2011, the first year I did monthly recaps, I was super obsessed with TCM. Now in 2017, the seventh year, I work at TCM! Dreams do come true, folks. As always, after the cut you will find everything I watched in January, plus I highlight a few favorites.

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2016 in Films: A 365 Day New-To-Me Films Year-End Recap

2016 was quite a year for me, both on a national/international level, but on a personal one as well. I left my job at Rotten Tomatoes and moved from California (I’m a 6th generation Californian!) to Atlanta, Georgia to start work at Turner Classic Movies (and FilmStruck). Uprooting my entire life took a toll on my film watching for most of the year (though I got my numbers up pretty high while attending the Pordenone Silent Film Festival; more on that later). All and all, I think I managed to strike a pretty good balance in my film watching this year. I was afraid after A Year With Women that jumping back into the cinema of men I would find myself just as disgruntled as I started to feel at the end of 2014, however I took much more curatorial approach to my watching this year and chose to skip certain films that were a big part of the ~film conversation~ because I knew I would not like them and focused more on the films I knew I would enjoy. Starting work with TCM reminded me once again how much I love classic Hollywood films, and I found myself watching more older films again. I also spent a good deal of 2016 rewatching films that I love, but maybe hadn’t watched in year. There really is a special joy to revisiting an old favorite. Also, obviously Movie Quote of the Day went away this year. But I did bring back Female Filmmaker Friday – this time in the form of a podcast! So, without any further ado, after the cut you will find every new-to-me film I watched in 2016, plus a few thoughts on some of my watching goals and trends.


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December 2016 in Films

I spent a good deal of December either not feeling well leading up to my pacemaker replacement surgery or recovering from the surgery, so my new-to-me film watching suffered, especially out in theaters (though I did do quite a bit of wonderful revisiting to some old favorites). Regardless, I saw some great films in December – and am much closer to finishing off François Truffaut’s directorial filmography! As always, everything I watched in December plus a few words about some favorites can be found after the cut.


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Cinema Fanatic’s Favorite Fifteen Films of 2016

After last year’s A Year With Women I was apprehensive dipping my toes back into to the world of cinema directed by men. Luckily, one thing 2015 taught me was that I could skip movies that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy instead of seeing everything just to be part of the conversation (although I did see a few things this year that I thought I would hate for that very reason and then I hated them anyways; not happening in 2017, I swear!). Overall, there were lots of films released in 2016 that I truly loved. There are a few late released 2016 films that haven’t come to Atlanta yet that probably would have made this list, but I doubt any of them would dethrone my #1 favorite of the year. For the first time since 2012, my favorite film of the year was actually directed by a man. I am as shocked as you are! As always, you’ll find my favorite films of the year after the cut, as well as some brief thoughts.


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Female Filmmaker Friday Podcast: Episode 7 – 2016 in Review


This week Sabina Stent, Oralia Torres, Lady P., Justine A. Smith, Diana Drumm, Kristen Sales join me to talk about their favorite films directed by women from 2016 (new or new-to-them).

Here’s my full list of films I watched that were directed by women in 2016.

It’s Cinema Fanatic’s 7th Anniversary!

This has been a roller coaster year. When I moved across to the country to work at Turner Classic Movies (and FilmStruck!) I had to put Movie Quote of the Day on hold and I haven’t yet managed to bring that feature back. I did, however bring back Female Filmmaker Friday, this time as a podcast and I’ve had some great guests on talking about some great filmmakers. Due to some health issues I had to put that on hold as well (it will be back soon though!). Aside from driving across the country (and through 7 states!), I also went to Virginia to Joseph Cotten’s hometown on a research trip (I even wound up on the local news!) and to Italy to attend the Pordenone Silent Film Festival! All and all, it’s been a pretty crazy year and I’m grateful I was able to share it with all of you. 2017 is going to be full of all kind of adventures as well.


Bonus points if you can name the film that the above scene is from!