September 2017 in Films

I didn’t actually watch very many films in September. It was partially from post-SUTS overload, but also because I got sucked into a terrible tv show (CW’s Beauty and the Beast reboot. I watched all 70 episodes in two weeks!) Also, I am posting early this month because I will be heading back out to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival tomorrow. More on that when I recap October! Anyways, as always everything I watched plus some favorites can be found after the cut.

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August 2017 in Films

This month was mostly filled with Summer Under The Stars, but I also caught up on a  bunch of Sam Shepard films, and went to Noir City Chicago. As always, everything I watched is under the cut.

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July 2017 in Films

I watched way too many movies in July. Not only did I watch a lot of new-to-me films, I also did a ton of rewatching. This uptick in movie watching had a few factors: 1) holy wow we had a lot of good films on TCM last month! 2) I use movies to cope when I am stressed and current events are making me very stressed. 3) I broke my foot, so I stayed in a lot. As always, you can see all the films I watched in July after the cut, as well as some of my favorite first time watches.

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June 2017 in Films

So not only did I watch way more movies in June than I did in previous months this year, I also watched a season and a half of Supergirl! The CW has most of my favorite shows (Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane The Virgin), I definitely recommend trying their shows. A good deal of what I watched this month was part of TCM’s celebration of Pride month. It was so wonderful to see gay men and lesbians who worked in Old Hollywood get a piece of the limelight. I also saw a movie in theaters that is on a 30th anniversary restoration tour and my life may never be the same. To see what movie that is and everything else I watched in June, proceed past the cut!

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May 2017 in Films

May was another month filled with auteurist completism. I tried to finish all of Michelangelo Antonioni’s films. While I didn’t finish all of his films, I did see everything we had streaming on FilmStruck and am only a few films shy of completing his directorial filmography. I also watched more Varda. My plan is to finish all her films on FilmStruck by the end of June. In May I also watched auteur television and by that I mean season two of Master of None, which was a fabulous tribute to Italian cinema. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already! As always, you can find my favorite films of the month + everything I watched after the cut.

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April 2017 in Films

Here we are again! April mostly consisted of continuing my binge rewatch of Frasier – and I finally finished! Yes, 11 seasons, 263 episode – watched! That show really holds up, jsyk. I also spent a good deal of April in Los Angeles for the TCM Classic Film Festival (the highlight of my year every year!) and stayed an extra week on vacation. Despite all that, I did almost make it 30 films in April, thanks mostly to FilmStruck. So many films, so little time! As always, you can see everything I watched after the cut, as well as some highlights.

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March 2017 in Films

So March was another month with low new-to-me viewing numbers (although I did much better than last March!) This was partially due to attending SXSW (for work, not for movie watch; though I did get a few in) and also I fell down a Frasier re-watch rabbit hole. I watched eight whole season of Frasier last month!!! It really holds up. Anyways, as always you can see everything I watched below , as well as some favorites.

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February 2017 in Films

As 2017 continues on its way I continued to do a lot of rewatch in February. This included a four-day rewatch of both season of Twin Peaks + Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (and the 90 minute feature known as The Missing Pieces). Let me tell you, it was time well spent. I did, however, get several new-to-me films in, including a few 2016 stragglers and a gem of a 2017 film. I polished off a whole bunch of Chantal Akerman films. Oh, and I watch Moonlight in theaters for a 4th time!  All in all, February was a pretty good month for the movies. Howabout them Oscars, huh? As always, you can find all the films I watched after the cut as well as a few favorites.

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January 2017 in Films

Can you believe this will be my seventh year doing these monthly viewing recaps? In 2011, the first year I did monthly recaps, I was super obsessed with TCM. Now in 2017, the seventh year, I work at TCM! Dreams do come true, folks. As always, after the cut you will find everything I watched in January, plus I highlight a few favorites.

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2016 in Films: A 365 Day New-To-Me Films Year-End Recap

2016 was quite a year for me, both on a national/international level, but on a personal one as well. I left my job at Rotten Tomatoes and moved from California (I’m a 6th generation Californian!) to Atlanta, Georgia to start work at Turner Classic Movies (and FilmStruck). Uprooting my entire life took a toll on my film watching for most of the year (though I got my numbers up pretty high while attending the Pordenone Silent Film Festival; more on that later). All and all, I think I managed to strike a pretty good balance in my film watching this year. I was afraid after A Year With Women that jumping back into the cinema of men I would find myself just as disgruntled as I started to feel at the end of 2014, however I took much more curatorial approach to my watching this year and chose to skip certain films that were a big part of the ~film conversation~ because I knew I would not like them and focused more on the films I knew I would enjoy. Starting work with TCM reminded me once again how much I love classic Hollywood films, and I found myself watching more older films again. I also spent a good deal of 2016 rewatching films that I love, but maybe hadn’t watched in year. There really is a special joy to revisiting an old favorite. Also, obviously Movie Quote of the Day went away this year. But I did bring back Female Filmmaker Friday – this time in the form of a podcast! So, without any further ado, after the cut you will find every new-to-me film I watched in 2016, plus a few thoughts on some of my watching goals and trends.


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