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Movie Quote of the Day – Advantageous, 2015 (dir. Jennifer Phang)


Gwen: You’re amazing.
Jules: No, I’m not.
Gwen: Yes you are. Listen to me. It’s good to be humble, but you need to know your value. The ideas, the wisdom, the kindness in you – that’s the secret beauty everyone wants.

Movie Quote of the Day is Five Years Old!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this feature for five years! Since January (if you haven’t noticed) every single quote I’ve done has come from a movie directed by a woman (except Groundhog Day, obviously), to tie in with A Year With Women. After the cut is all of the Movie Quote of the Day posts from June 30th, 2014 thru today, but if you want to see every single Movie Quote of the Day you can do so here.


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Movie Quote of the Day – What Happened, Miss Simone?, 2015 (dir. Liz Garbus)


Nina Simone: I choose to reflect the times and the situations in which I find myself. That to me is my duty and at this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I don’t think I can help but be involved. Young people, black and white, know this, and so that’s why they’re so involved in politics. We will shape and mold this country, or it will not be molded or shaped at all anymore. So, I don’t think you have a choice. How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?

Movie Quote of the Day – Miele, 2014 (dir. Valeria Golino)


Irene: No one really wants to die. No one among all those I helped the last three years wanted to kill themselves. They want to live. Everybody wants to live. But what they live cannot be named life. They can’t stand it any more.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Prince of Tides, 1991 (dir. Barbra Streisand)


Susan Lowenstein: How do you feel?
Tom Wingo: I, uh, feel okay. I mean, I thought I’d be on the floor, but I feel surprisingly alright.
Susan Lowenstein: Are you sure?
Tom Wingo: Oh, yeah. I mean, uh, well, I’m relieved. The artery’s clean, the ghost’s out of the closet, and I’m—
Susan Lowenstein: You’ve really learned how to cover your pain, haven’t you? You’ve done that all your life. That 13-year-old boy is still in a lot of pain.
Tom Wingo: Don’t do this to me Lowenstein, don’t do this to me.
Susan Lowenstein: I can feel your pain, Tom, I feel it. Let yourself feel it. It takes courage to feel the pain, Tom.

Movie Quote of the Day – Madame Bovary, 2015 (dir. Sophie Barthes)


Emma Bovary: The longer I live, the more clearly I feel that, on the whole, life is a disappointment.

Movie Quote of the Day – Pay It Forward, 2000 (dir. Mimi Leder)


Trevor McKenney: I think some people are too scared, or something. I guess it’s hard for people who are so used to things the way they are – even if they’re bad – to change. ‘Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses.

Movie Quote of the Day – That’s What She Said, 2012 (dir. Carrie Preston)


Dee Dee: I loved that asshole so much, I loved him! We used to spend hours just kissing each other, just kissing. Sometimes we’d lock our lips together at night and just fall asleep like that. I loved that! I loved kissing him. I loved touching his face, smelling his breath, falling asleep next to him when he was watching TV. I. . .I used to get wet when he looked into my eyes. One night I didn’t feel it anymore. I looked in his eyes and I was numb. I hated him for that. I just. . .I wanted to feel something again. I wanted him to yell at me, to fight for me. I wanted him to say, “How dare you? Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you know how much I’ll always love you? You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re the most important thing in my life and I’m never letting you go. You’re my treasure.” But that never happened. He never said a word. Nobody does that kind of shit in real life.

Movie Quote of the Day – Una Hora Por Favora, 2011 (dir. Jill Soloway)


Elissa: It’s not that she wasn’t interested in opening up to other people, I think it was just more like she just wasn’t used to it. The thing about Kaitlyn is, when she got engaged to Ethan, we were all really happy for her. I mean we were just, it’s like we just totally knew that Ethan was the guy for her. It was so obvious. But then he turned out to be a total liar and she was just devastated. Just devastated. We all were. Devastated.
Arturo: She, uh, she’s your friend?
Elissa: Kaitlyn? No, no. She’s on The Bachelor.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Night and the Moment, 1995 (dir. Anna Maria Tatò)


The Writer: Don’t you believe I love you?
The Marquise: No. I do know that at times I arouse desire in you, but desire is not love. Even if you express it with something resembling passion. I’ve had too much experience of the world to be fooled. Innumerable women have the same effect on you that I do.