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Movie Quote of the Day – Madeline, 1998 (dir. Daisy von Scherler Mayer)


Miss Clavel: You’re giving me a gray hair!
Madeline: Could I see?
Miss Clavel: No.

Movie Quote of the Day – Doctor Dolittle, 1998 (dir. Betty Thomas)


Dr. John Dolittle: You know how to do CPR?
Rat #2: CPR? I can’t even spell it

Movie Quote of the Day – Winter’s Bone, 2010 (dir. Debra Granik)


Megan: What are we ever gonna do with you, baby girl?
Ree: Kill me I guess.
Megan: That idea’s been said already. Got any others?
Ree: Help me.  Ain’t nobody said that idea yet, have they?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Proposal, 2009 (dir. Anne Fletcher)


Margaret Tate: What am I allergic to?
Andrew Paxton: Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Iron Lady, 2011 (dir. Phyllida Lloyd)


Margaret Thatcher: I don’t want to be on my own.
Denis Thatcher: You’ll be fine on your own, love. You always have been.

Movie Quote of the Day – Meek’s Cutoff, 2011 (dir. Kelly Reichardt)


Emily Tetherow: You don’t know much about women, do you Stephen Meek?
Stephen Meek: Well, I, I know somethin’ or other.
Emily Tetherow: If you say so.
Stephen Meek: Well, I know women are different from men. I know that much. Well, I’ll tell you the difference if you care to hear.
Emily Tetherow: I don’t doubt you will.
Stephen Meek: Women, women are created on the principle of chaos. The chaos of creation, disorder, bringing new things into the world. Men are created on the principle of destruction. It’s like cleansing, ordering, destruction. You think I’m wrong, you can tell me. Chaos and destruction. Those two genders are always at it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Happy End?!, 2014 (dir. Petra Clever)



Valerie: A lot of people have managed to mistake their career for their life.

Movie Quote of the Day – Wildflowers, 2000 (dir. Melissa Painter)


Sabine: When I die, I want a funeral pyre.

Movie Quote of the Day – Unrelated, 2007 (dir. Joanna Hogg)


Oakley: I just think men and women are always bound to be unfaithful. I really think that.
Anna: You’re probably right. That doesn’t mean to say–
Oakley: So why get married?
Anna: It’s more, it’s about more than mere sexual fidelity. It’s about making a bond with somebody and. . .Your mum and dad, maybe they’re not getting on that well now, but perhaps in 20 years’ time, if they’re still together, then they might, there’s still something going between them, they still have friendship. It might suddenly come good.
Oakley: And that’s what you’re working on with your husband, is it? 20 years’ time, dressing gown and slippers. Anna and Alex.
Anna: I find it difficult. I can’t see that far ahead.
Oakley: Charlie and Verena seem happy, though, I think.
Anna: They’ve only been together six years, haven’t they?
Oakley: Six years is a fucking long time.
Anna: Anyway, it’s not about who’s sleeping together. It’s about living together.
Oakley: That has to be part of it. When you meet someone, that’s the first thing you think. If the sex isn’t there, you’re dead in the water.
Anna: True…
Oakley: Doesn’t matter if you like them, if you…if they make you feel good or you like their personality or if they make you laugh. If the sex isn’t good, it’s, it’s for shit. What are you in it for? It dies. Surely.
Anna: Yeah, no, I agree with you. I agree with you.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Greatest, 2010 (dir. Shana Feste)


Ryan: Are you really pregnant?
Rose: Yeah.
Ryan: It figures. The one bad thing my brother does and he’s not even here to get in trouble for it.