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Oscar Vault Monday – The Color Purple, 1985 (dir. Steven Spielberg)

This movie is absolutely fantastic. I’ve seen it numerous times and I am moved by it every time. It’s full of wonderful performances and delivers a powerful message. It was nominated for a whopping 11 Oscars and went home completely empty handed, losing Best Picture to Sydney Pollack’s Out of Africa.

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Oscar Vault Monday – Quiz Show, 1994 (dir. Robert Redford)

I’m going to try to discuss one past Oscar nominated and/or winning film each Monday. For my inaugural edition of this feature, I bring you the 1994 historical drama Quiz Show.

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Buy CinemaFanatic!

I’ve got a new Amazon Affiliate store set up:

If you plan on buying any of the movies I’ve got listed, howsabout buying em from my store? It’lll be a win-win.

I have a page, which you can see on the sidebar, set up with the link to the store – so you can reference it from any of my posts. 

I also plan on setting up special sections for certain posts that feature many films. I’ve already done this with all of my 20 years of ___ nominees series. Each page has a link to a store that features the films I discussed in the posts.

An Ode to TCM

Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. since the Oscars. I’ve been having some problems at work. Long story short work’s no longer a problem, so I’m back. I’ve got a few posts related to film in 2010 that I want to post, but I’ve got to flesh them out a little before I post them.

However, today I spent quite a bit of time watching Turner Classic Movies. They had an amazing line-up today. I’d recommend all four of the films I watched today, but each one for very different reasons.

The first film I watched was Some Like It Hot. I’ve seen this film numerous times. It is definitely one of the absolute funniest films of all time. Billy Wilder truly is a genius.

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