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Movie Quote of the Day – The New World, 2005 (dir. Terrence Malick)


John Smith: There’s something I know when I’m with you. . .that I forget when I’m away.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Dogfight, 1991 (dir. Nancy Savoca)

I first saw this film last summer and was shocked that I had never seen it before. It’s so my kind of film, but somehow over the years it slipped past my radar. It’s one of those films that is insanely touching, without once ever being schmaltzy. This post is spoilery.


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Movie Quote of the Day – Cléo de 5 à 7, 1962 (dir. Agnès Varda)


Cléo: Ugliness is a kind of death. . .As long as I’m beautiful,I’m alive more than others.


Movie Quote of the Day – Blonde Venus, 1932 (dir. Josef Von Sternberg)


Nick: Do you still love him?
Helen: He needs me.
Nick: So do I, Helen.
Helen: Not the way he does. You’re strong Nick. He’s not.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Gatsby, 2013 (dir. Baz Luhrmann)


Daisy Buchanan: I wish I’d done everything on earth with you. All my life. I wish it could always be like this.
Jay Gatsby: It will be.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Swimmer, 1968 (dir. Frank Perry)


Joan: Are you a friend of Biswangers?
Ned Merrill: They’re not even on our Christmas card list.
Joan: Then what are you?
Ned Merrill: I’m an explorer.
Joan: No, I mean, what are you doing here?
Ned Merrill: I’m swimming home.
Joan: You, uh, you married?
Ned Merrill: What’s that got to do with it?
Joan: Are you divorced? What?
Ned Merrill: Do you wanna come with me?
Joan: Where?
Ned Merrill: A long a river of sapphire pools.
Joan: I never heard anyone talk like you.
Ned Merrill: Come with me. Be my lover.
Joan: Oh. That I’ve heard before.
Ned Merrill: Not from me.
Joan: You’re no different than any other guy.
Ned Merrill: Oh, but I am. I’m a very special human being.

Movie Quote of the Day – Tall in the Saddle, 1944 (dir. Edwin L. Marin)


[Arly throws a knife at Rocklin; He swoops her up and kisses her.]
Rocklin: I reckon you forgot something. You just fired me.
[Dave runs in.]
Dave: Hey Rock! He got away, but guess. . .what.
Rocklin: You guess.

Movie Quote of the Day – Austin Powers in Goldmember, 2002 (dir. Jay Roach)


Nigel Powers: All right Goldmember. Don’t play the laughing boy. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

Movie Quote of the Day – Our Blushing Brides, 1930 (dir. Harry Beaumont)  


Tony: You don’t believe in inhibition, do you?
Jerry: When a man begins to talk about inhibitions, it’s time to look at the view.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Fish Tank, 2009 (dir. Andrea Arnold)

I saw this one for the first time a few years back when Michael Fassbender was in all the movies and I was doing some catch up (still haven’t seen all his films, though). This one really struck a chord with me because it’s a nice riff on the Angry Young Man/Kitchen Sink/British New Wave films of the late-50s/early-60s, but with a female protagonist and a female filmmaker, which gives a whole other perspective to the angst of the youth of this socioeconomic class. Beware, there be spoilers after the cut.


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