Avatar Surpasses Titanic at Worldwide Box Office

This is a big feat and it’s taken a film 12 years do it. It’s no surprise, really, that James Cameron would be at the helm of the movie that finally surpasses Titanic–his last film.

This number is only going to go up as Titanic got to this number through a re-release after it won Best Picture. I remember seeing it when it first came out in December 1997 or maybe January 1998 and then seeing it again for my birthday in June. I don’t really see a re-release of Avatar in its future. Although, it could be a possibility since there still isn’t a home release technology that can preserve the film’s 3D self.

I’m finally seeing Avatar this weekend because my local theater is finally getting it, albeit not in 3D. I’m trying to go in with an open mind. But I’m still a little pissed off about it beating The Hurt Locker at the Golden Globes. I’m glad my theater is finally getting it, because it’ll mean I’ll have seen the Big 5 movies this year, and if my predictions are right, all ten of the movies that’ll be announced a week from today.

February 2nd, can you hurry up and get here?

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  1. I don’t remember Titanic ever being re-released in theaters, if you mean theaters. It had already hit the 1 billion mark in its first run. What is said to be its second run will happen in 2011.

    • I guess it wasn’t an actual re-release, it just stayed in theater for about 10 months, which is why my local theater (which one gets one movie a weekend) got it in January and in June of 1998.

  2. What did Titanic make in 2010 dollars? That would make the race somewhat closer. But in reality there is more worldwide exposure now than there was 13 years ago.

    • I’m not sure actually; that’d be a great statistic to have. Also, you’re so right – films have so much more exposure now thanks to the internet than they did when Titanic came out.

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