Reader Poll: Most Anticipated Film of the Year?

Here’s a list of films that have yet to be released, which one has you the most writhing in anticipation?

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Posted on June 21, 2010, in Poll. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. I had to rep SP, but I’ll be there on opening day for Inception, The Social Network, and True Grit. I still have to see Cyrus, too!

    • a comment from Phil! yay! but also I totally forgot about SP or I’d’ve had it as a choice!

      also now that I’ve seen the first True Grit I’ve got really high hopes for the Coens’ spi on it.

  2. There are a ton of these I want to see, but none more than Inception. I’m almost too excited to see it. I’m worried it won’t live up to my expectations.


  4. Just bought my midnight tickets to “Inception.” For the sake of discussion, “The American” would be second on my list. I really loved the feel of the first teaser trailer, and it seems like a potentially great character for Clooney.

    • I’m really excited for The American. The thought of Corbijn + Clooney just boggles my mind.

      I wish I lived somewhere where I could see Inception at midnight. I might be able to finagle a trip out of town to see it opening weekend though. Really don’t wanna get spoiled for it by seeing it late!

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