New Posters for “Inception”

This is the movie I’ve been waiting for all year. It also topped the reader poll I posted this week of the most anticipated movie of the year. The cast list is to die for. The trailer is phenomenal. And the posters have been amazing thus far. But these two new posters are probably my favorite. A big thanks to CinemaBlend for these posters.

Second poster after the cut.

I love how big DiCaprio’s name is on these posters. Talk about “name of above the title” clout. I just really hope this movie is as awesome as it looks to be. I’ve yet to see a film by Christopher Nolan that I didn’t love. He creates such wonderful worlds within his films and this appears to be no exception.

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  1. It’s ridiculous how badly I want to see this movie. RIGHT NOW. I know the wait isn’t all that long by this point, but come on, time. Hurry up.

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