Poll: Favorite Multiple Oscar Nominee Who Has Never Won A Competitive Award?

Some of these people are dead and will never get themselves a competitive award. A few of them are getting kind of old and time is ticking and a few of them have plenty of time to go, but quite a large number of nominations with no win. Although, with all of these people winning or not winning an Oscar doesn’t really matter. They’re all remarkable in their fields and have had stellar careers. Oscar would really just be a cherry on top.

Poll after the cut.

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  1. This was a mean mean poll LOL How was I supposed to choose between Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton. I went with Burton because O’Toole is still alive and might get something. How he lost for Lawrence of Arabia I cannot fathom. Burton – such a powerful screen presence. And as far as directors – to me one of the greatest all-time snubs is to Alfred Hitchcock. They say he had the whole movie planned in his head – every shot exactly how it should be. What a genius! And Deborah Kerr – when I was growing up she was to me the epitome of the word “lady”.

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