Early Guesses – What Will Make The Academy’s Top Ten?

Sasha over at Awards Daily has posted her early predictions. I left mine in a comment over on her site, but I felt like I should make them official over here too! Like she said, it’s so early there are only a few locks: Inception and Toy Story 3. I still think Shutter Island is a lock too, but I seem to be in the minority there. The rest of my picks after the cut.

Blue Valentine – This film was huge at Sundance and stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. From what I hear, if it isn’t a lock for Best Picture, their performances are.
Inception – I think we all know what I think about this film.
Morning Glory – This film has a great ensemble cast including Rachel McAdams (who is nothing short of amazing in the trailer), Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford (in what looks to be an uncommonly funny performance). The trailer for this films gives me Broadcast News flashbacks, if that film were actually funny.
Secretariat – This is going to be the feel-good-audiences-love-it film. Seabiscuit was nominated for Best Picture in 2003 when there were only five slots, so I think in a year with ten slots this film will make it in. Plus its cast is chock full of wonderful actors.
Shutter Island – Regardless of its somewhat mixed reviews, it has Martin Scorsese behind it and I am banking on that.
The Social Network – The Academy nominated Fincher for one of his lesser films a few years ago, so I’m hoping they’ll keep with the love. It’s got one of Hollywood’s big up-and-coming actors as its star and a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Plus it’s so extremely timely.
Somewhere – The Academy loved Sofia a few years back with Lost In Translation. Not so much with Marie Antoinette, but Coppola is back working in modern times, so there’s that. Plus, it’s a film about Hollywood and we all know how much Hollywood loves a film about itself.
Toy Story 3 – The best reviewed film of the year, that is all.
The Tree of Life – The Academy gave Malick’s last effort, 2005’s The New World a little bit of love and his 1998 film The Thin Red Line a lot of love. I know this film is going to be amazing and with Sean Penn and Brad Pitt on his side, I think his chances are better than ever.
True Grit
– The Coen Brothers do a western with Jeff Bridges taking over the role that won John Wayne his only Oscar. If they do it right, the Academy will eat it up.

What do y’all think?

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  1. I would say Winter’s Bone has a chance. it made bank at Sundance- Grand Jury Prize, best screenplay, and the two lead performances (Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes) are very strong, even if they lack star power. I hope it does well. It has that “bleak Americana” thing that critics loved about No Country for Old Men.

  2. Toy Story 3 will win best animated film. It will get one of the 10 slots but it won’t win. The animated category was added after such a close call when Beauty and the Beast almost won, losing to Silence of the Lambs. I really like Shutter Island but I would think it has chances in art direction and costumes more than the big win. I think Inception could/should win for screenplay. I think filling 10 slots won’t be so easy this year.

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