Current Obsession: Anton Corbijn’s Photo Blog for The American

Anton Corbijn is one of my favorite photographers. Incidentally, due to his amazing work on his debut film – 2007’s Joy Division/Ian Curtis biopic Control, he is also one of my favorite filmmakers. His camerawork is just so luscious and his point of view so clear. September 1st sees the debut of his sophomore effort, the George Clooney anchored spy-thriller The American. I am pretty stoked for this film. The trailer looks amazing. The poster art is all kinds of fabulous vintage paperback pulp fiction awesomeness. But what has really excited me the most is Corbijn’s photo blog over on Focus Features’ site. The blog has been up since February and includes beautifully shot photos of Clooney, as well as other cast members, mixed in with cute anecdotes about the photos. I’m going to share my two favorite photos, but you should really go to the site and read Corbijn’s posts as well!

Don’t forget to check the photo blog out:

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  1. The older he gets the better he looks 🙂

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