With A Little Help From My Friends

So as many of you know I’d been unemployed for quite some time and only recently got a job substitute teaching. Unfortunately, that a) only pays for my bills so far and b) I don’t even get paid until October some time. That being said I am pretty strapped for cash.

And at the worst time possible, as The Thin Red Line is being released on Criterion Collection DVD and Blu-Ray on the September 28th.

So what I am trying to do is refer as many products from my Amazon astore in order to get enough credit to buy it. This is one of my top-ten favorite films (and has been mentioned on this site multiple times). How the astore works is you click the link and it takes you to all the categories I’ve set up to correspond with various posts I’ve made. It also lets you see your very own Amazon wishlist, so if you’ve been meaning to buy something on your wishlist you can do so through my astore and I’ll still get referral credit. Basically, you can shop just like normal, only you get to help me out at the same time!

Here’s all the astore categories I have:

Your own Wishlist should show up in the bottom right hand side of your screen (you may have to scroll down a little).

I really, really appreciate your readership and your help. Just look at this magnificent film:

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