Auteur of the Week: Hiatus

The Holidays are over hectic and I am behind in full filmographies (I like to have seen all of a director’s work before I write about them), so the Auteur of the Week feature is going on hiatus for a while. It will hopefully be back in time for the New Year. You can always look through the archives here. Oscar Vault Monday, however, will continue to be posted every Monday. If you’re interested at looking at those archives, you can here. I also want to remind you that if you’re doing any shopping on Amazon for the Holidays, I’d be ever so grateful if you went through my aStore. I’ve got several categories set up (including for Auteur of the Week and Oscar Vault Monday), but you can also access  your own WishList through my aStore, it’ll just give me referral credit. If you like what you read, going through my aStore is one way to show you gratitude, without costing you any extra than you already planned on spending. I hope everyone has a wonder Thanksgiving! I’ve got a Movie Quote of the Day queued up for each day that I’m gone, so check back to see what they are!

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