Thoughts On The 83rd Oscar Nominations

Well, my predictions were pretty right on. For Best Picture I got 9 out 10 right (though I had the 10th as an alternate). I was not expecting Nolan to get snubbed in favor of the Coen Bros. though. I got 5/5 for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress (Jacki Weaver! Yes!) and 4/5 for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor (though I had both Javier Bardem and Jeremy Renner as alternates). What excites me the most is John Hawkes and Hailee Steinfeld getting their nominations! I also am excited to see The Illusionist in the Best Animated Feature category over Tangled. I’ve actually not seen The Illusionist yet, but it just seems so beautiful from all the clips I’ve seen. Adapted Screenplay went exactly as I had predicted and Original Screenplay proved that the Academy still loves Mike Leigh. I wasn’t sure that they would so I had Black Swan over Another Year in my predictions (though Another Year was my #1 alternate). I am pretty shocked that 127 Hours got the nomination for Best Editing over Inception.

I guess the biggest snubs of the day are Christopher Nolan not getting nominated for Best Director. It just seems the Academy is not the biggest fan of his directing, though he’s now got two nominations for his writing. Also a bit shocking was no nomination for Andrew Garfield for The Social Network. I guess the lack of a SAG nomination was more telling than I wanted it to be.

[Edit] Also just realized that Waiting For “Superman” got snubbed. That’s a real shocker. It looked like the frontrunner to win.

What do you guys think on the nominations as announced this morning? Who do you want to win?

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  1. I’m upset that Andrew Garfield didn’t get a nom. I LOVED him as Eduardo.

  2. I posted my thoughts on my own tumblr, but not sure if you’re following me so I’ll post here. Nolan was snubbed. Inception was a fantastic film, and Nolan deserved to be recognized for that. I’m not sure what they have against him but it just isn’t right. And it’s frustrating as a fan of his. Also, no nomination for editing? Without the editing, Inception wouldn’t have been the film that it was.

    I want your opinion on something. Personally, I feel Daft Punk’s score for TRON: Legacy is fantastic, and may be the best of the year. Yet they’re not being nominated for a thing anywhere, and I’m curious to get your opinion on why that might be happening.

    Several other thoughts: TRON: Legacy for Visual Effects bothers me, The Tempest being nominated for Costume Design took me by surprise, Waiting for “Superman” being snubbed for Documentary.

    • I am pretty shocked about the lack of nominations for Nolan, Inception’s editing and Waiting For “Superman” – those are some major snubs right there. I liked the TRON: Legacy score, but it is too “new” for the Academy, if that makes any sense. I’m surprised they actually embraced the Social Network score, to be honest.

  3. Yeah I had a feeling that would be why. To me, I felt the score was a great blend of traditional mixed with futuristic. But I mean, I guess that’s just me.

  4. I am so upset with the Christopher Nolan thing. I thought for sure this was going to be his year. Also about Ryan Gosling not being nominated. I thought if Michelle got nominated then Ryan had to get nominated for sure. Another thing is new trend of having 10 films in the best picture category, I think they are just breaking hearts by doing so.

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