Seven Reasons Why The Muppet Oscars Should Happen

With the news breaking this morning that Eddie Murphy has exited as Oscar host after Brett Ratner resigned his post producing the show (due to his use of a gay slur earlier this week) there is much hubbub about who should take over the post.

I like the idea of previous hosts like Hugh Jackman or Billy Crystal, but I LOVE the idea of the Muppets. After the cut are a few reasons why this idea is fantastic

  1. The Oscars are boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but there are times where we all just want to yell GET ON WITH IT. Enter Statler and Waldorf. If the show starts to lag, they can cut to these two up in the balcony making snarky remarks. Suddenly, the show will have energy again.
  2. It’s timely. With the upcoming release of the Jason Segel-penned film, the Muppets are sure to have a resurgence in fans. Said fans will tune in to the ceremony. Ratings!
  3. The new film features Oscar winners/nominees. The up-coming film co-stars Amy Adams and Chris Cooper. Cooper won Best Supporting Actor for 2002’s Adaptation. Amy Adams is a three-time nominee. There’s your legitimacy right there.
  4. There are SO MANY great characters in the Muppets, so you’ll have lots of variety.
  5. Miss Piggy can change her costume 15 times. Miss Piggy will look better in a million costume changes than Anne Hathaway ever could.
  6. The Muppets have already done some great Oscar-bait movie parodies. The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo, anyone?
  7. They can sing all the nominated songs. Beaker and Animal are talented musicians.
Got any more reasons? Add them in the comments! And be sure to “like” the Muppet Oscars on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. It doesn’t matter who hosts the Oscars, people will complain about the show. It doesn’t matter if the show is great or lousy, people will complain. i wouldn’t want to put the Muppets through that unnecessary, unthinking crud.

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