True Romance, A Valentine’s Day Post

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day again. Some people love this day. Some people hate this day. Some people have no feelings. I’m not sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day, personally. I will say, I do love romance. In that respect, every day might as well be Valentine’s Day in my world. But I figured since this is the traditional day to celebrate it, I’d do some sort of post. Basically, what I did was take a long hard look at my DVD collection and pick out ten scenes that I find insanely romantic. This is not my “top ten” most romantic scenes or anything. This is in no way a complete and definitive list. It is simply ten scenes from ten films that I own that tug at my heartstrings.

I decided the best way to present these is in chronological order, since that’s how my DVDs are organized.

Now, Voyager, 1942 (dir. Irving Rapper) – Basically I sob from this moment on in this film. I just cannot contain my feelings. I’ve seen this film countless times and I still sob every. damn. time.

It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946 (dir. Frank Capra) – This scene is just pure passion personified.

Picnic, 1955 (dir. Joshua Logan) – This line only really makes sense if you’ve seen the whole film because it references something he said at the beginning of the film. But damn if it’s not one of the most romantic lines of all time. Oh Bill Holden, take me now.

Manhattan, 1979 (dir. Woody Allen) – At this point in the film Allen’s character is listing all the things that make life worth living – various jazz songs, Marlon Brando, some food he really loves – and then the last thing he lists is his ex-girlfriend’s face. He’s realized – possibly too late – that he really loved her.

The English Patient, 1996 (dir. Anthony Minghella) – As many of you know, this is my favorite film of all time. The whole movie is one giant ode to romance and longing and loss. But this scene right here just kills me. Kills me.

Inventing The Abbotts, 1997 (dir. Pat O’Connor) – Perhaps not the greatest movie of all time, I love this film – mostly for the relationship between the Joaquin Phoenix/Liv Tyler characters. This ending is just so beautiful and bittersweet.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000 (dir. Ang Lee) – This is another scene that just makes me sob uncontrollably. Just look at Michelle Yeoh’s face.

Before Sunset, 2004 (dir. Richard Linklater) – A friend on Facebook yesterday said that Before Sunrise existed so that this film could be made. I agree. I love the first film, but there is just something so much greater about this second film. This ending. THIS ENDING.

Stranger Than Fiction, 2006 (dir. Marc Forster) – How can you not love this scene? She’s a baker. He brought her flours. FLOURS.

Bright Star, 2009 (dir. Jane Campion) – This movie reduces me to a pile of tears as large as the ocean. I believe I have seen it somewhere in the 25 to 30 times range now and I just, I just can’t handle it. There is so much passion and beauty and honest love in this film it amazes me constantly.


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  1. I agree with your friend on Facebook about BEFORE SUNSET. Love the other choices too.

  2. Ok – so I take it you don’t own Lady and the Tramp? I should buy it for you now that it’s out in a blueray pack. The spaghetti scene – OMG – The Most Romantic Scene of All Time.

    I did love your choices and the photos. 🙂

  3. I love love love love love your list so much, Marya….SO MUCH. I was literally sitting here at my desk at work saying “YES” at so many of the ones you list.

    Now, Voyager is my Mom’s favorite film and I have been watching it since I was a little girl, and it reduces me to tears every time…and I love LOVE Before Sunset and the ending, and still hope for a third film…and so many more that you listed (though I still need to see Bright Star)

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Love Now, Voyager and that scene in It’s a Wonderful Life makes me cry. I totally want to see Picnic now. Great list!

  5. i love stranger than fiction! the relationship harold and ana is one of the most romantic ones I’ve ever seen in a movie. Also dustin hoffman’s monologue about pancakes and life is priceless.

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