Movie Quote of the Day – The Iron Giant, 1999 (dir. Brad Bird)

Dean McCoppin: Get back! I said get back! I mean it!
The Iron Giant: No. Stop. Wait.
Hogarth Hughes: It was an accident. He’s our friend.
Dean McCoppin: He’s a piece of hardware, Hogarth. Why do you think the army was here? He’s a weapon, a big. . .big gun that walks.
The Iron Giant: I. . .I. . .I not gun.
Dean McCoppin: Yeah? Then what’s that?  [points at huge hole the Giant’s ray left on a bus] You almost did that to Hogarth!
The Iron Giant: No!  [Runs away]
Hogarth Hughes: Come back!  [Runs after the Giant]
Dean McCoppin: Hogarth! Hey stop!
Hogarth Hughes: Giant! Come back!
Dean McCoppin: [sees the toy gun Hogarth left on the ground] It was defensive. He reacted to the gun.

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  1. Cinemafanatic, we’re Brad Bird fans from way back, and THE IRON GIANT is one of our family’s favorite – a true modern classic! We especially love the scene you quoted. Thanks for including this in your awesome blog!

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