Pre-Codes Coming To TCM Vault Collection

Columbia is releasing five of its Pre-Code films through the TCM Vault Collection on July 2nd. The collection will have five films on it: Arizona (1931), Ten Cents a Dance (1931),Virtue (1932), Three Wise Girls (1932) and Shopworn (1932).

I’ve actually only seen three of these films (Three Wise Girls – which is one of my absolute favorite Harlow films, Ten Cents a Dance and Shopworn, both of which star the incomparable Barbara Stanwyck). You can pre-order the collection here at the TCM Shop. Below are descriptions of the films.

Arizona (1931) – John Wayne stars in this drama as a West Point football star who enlists in the army only to discover that his commanding officer is now married to his former mistress (Laura La Plante), a woman bent on revenge after being jilted by Wayne.

Ten Cents a Dance (1931) – Barbara Stanwyck plays a taxi dancer trying to rise above her low station in life, but her no-good gambler husband keeps dragging her down with his debts and unlawful activities.

Virtue (1932) – Pat O’Brien plays an honest, hard-working cab driver, with Carole Lombard as Mae, a prostitute he mistakes for an unemployed stenographer. After they get married, Mae’s past comes back to haunt her when a duplicitous acquaintance plunges her into a financial crisis that she tries to hide from her husband.

Three Wise Girls (1932) – In this drama made before Jean Harlow’s successful MGM career, the actress plays an innocent small-town girl who trades her soda fountain job for a modeling job in New York City…not to mention the complications and dangers that come with it.

Shopworn (1932) – Barbara Stanwyck stars in this class-conscious melodrama in which she plays a waitress who falls in love with a wealthy college student (Regis Toomey). But his mother resorts to devious means to end the relationship.

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