Movie Quote of the Day – Nightwing, 1979 (dir. Arthur Hiller)

Youngman Duran: It just doesn’t seem natural for a man to spend his life, his entire life killing bats.
Phillip Payne: Not just bats. Vampire bats. I kill them because they are evil. There’s a mutual grace and violence in all forms of nature and each species in life gives something in return for its own existence. All but one. The freak. The vampire bat alone is that species. Have you ever seen one of their caves?
Youngman Duran: No.
Phillip Payne: I killed over sixty thousand of them last year in Mexico. You really understand the presence of evil when you go into their caves. The smell of ammonia alone is enough to kill you. The floor of the cave is a foul syrup of digested blood. And the bats, up high, hanging upside down, wrestling, fighting, mating, sending constant messages, waiting for the light to fade, hungry for blood, coaxing the big females to wake up and flex their night wings, to lead the colony out across the land, honing in on any living thing: cattle, sheep, dogs, children, anything with warm blood. And they feast, drinking the blood and pissing ammonia. I kill them because they are the quintessence of evil. To me nothing else exists. The destruction of vampire bats is what I live for.

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