Movie Quote of the Day – Last Chance Harvey, 2008 (dir. Joel Hopkins)

Kate: I had a lovely time and I won’t forget it, thank you. But. . .
Harvey: What?
Kate: Well, it’s not exactly real life.
Harvey: It is.
Kate: No, it isn’t, Harvey.
Harvey: It is.
Kate: No, it’s not, Harvey.
Harvey: No, it is real life. It’s real life for me.
Kate: I know, but it’s not just about you, is it? It’s about me as well. You don’t know anything about me. I mean, it’s pathetic. I expected you not to show. In fact, I think I actually almost wanted you not to show because it’s just easier that way. You – you just dive in there, you just woosh anywhere, deep end. I’m not a bloody swimming pool Harvey. And I am not going to do it, I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it because it will hurt. Sometime or other there’ll be a “it’s not quite working” or a “I need some space” or whatever it is and it’ll end and it’ll hurt and I won’t do it, I won’t and. . .I. . . [beat] You see, what I think it is, is I think that I am more comfortable with being disappointed. I think I’m angry at you for trying to take that away.


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