Books on Film: The James Bond Omnibus 004

Not exactly a “book on film,” per se, the newest James Bond Omnibus released by Titan Books will excite and enthrall fans of England’s most famous spy.

From 1958 through 1983 the adventures of Ian Fleming’s creation, James Bond, were published in comic strip form. This is something I actually didn’t know until the release of this book, the fourth of its kind. The first of the 52 story arcs were all based on Fleming’s original novels and the art was done by John McLusky. You can get the previous volumes, including those works, from Titan Book in their previous omnibuses.

Included in this fourth omnibus are strips written by Jim Lawrence and illustrated by Yaroslav Horak. The titles included in this volume are: Trouble Spot (originally released: December 28, 1971 – June 10, 1972), Isle Of Condors (originally released: June 12, 1972 – October 21, 1972), The League Of Vampires (originally released: October 25, 1972 – February 28, 1973), Die With My Boots On (originally released: March 1, 1973 – June 18, 1973), The Girl Machine (originally released: June 19, 1973 – December 3, 1973), Beware Of Butterflies (originally released: December 4, 1973 – May 11, 1974), The Nevsky Nude (originally released: May 13, 1974 – September 21, 1974), The Phoenix Project (originally released: September 23, 1974 – February 18, 1975) and The Black Ruby Caper (originally released: February 19, 1975 – July 15, 1975).

I’ve never read the original novels, but I am a huge fan of the films (well, I haven’t seen any of the Daniel Craig ones, but that’s between me and my irrational dislike of Craig). I love these comics. The art is absolutely gorgeous and it’s fun to have new Bond adventures. Reading through this omnibus makes me want to seek out the previous ones, as I am curious to see how some of the stories I know so well and that have affected me deeply (I’m looking at you On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) would play out in such a different medium. Anyways, I definitely think fans of Bond and comic book aficionados alike will absolutely love this book. What a perfect way to get yourself ready for Skyfall, which is out in theatres in a few weeks. I’m plan on (maybe, I guess) catching up on those Craig Bond films before then, but I might just keep reading this book instead. No promises.

Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy given to me by Titan Books, though the opinions are all my own.

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