August 2013 in Films: New Releases and Rarities

August was a crazy month. Lots of work and lots of viewing of things in theatres. In fact right now Cinecon 49 is going on and I am trying to finish this post quickly so I can see a Sunday Morning Western there, so forgive me if this post is rather brief. As always, a full list of the films I saw is after the cut, as well as a few highlights. Oh and one last thing, I got to meet Paul Schrader and David Lynch in August. I feel I’ve crossed into another realm of existence. Oh and this is my 1,800th post!


  1. The Yakuza
  2. The Myth of the American Sleepover
  3. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
  4. The Canyons
  5. Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
  6. The To Do List
  7. Three Loves Has Nancy
  8. Lucky You
  9. Fast and Loose (1954)
  10. Into the Night
  11. Gun Brothers
  12. High Tide at Noon
  13. The Magic of Belle Isle
  14. Fruitvale Station
  15. Fast Company (1938)
  16. The Witches
  17. Prince Avalanche
  18. Ken Burns: Prohibition
  19. Fast and Loose (1939)
  20. Jubal
  21. The Phynx
  22. Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim (Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen)
  23. Fast and Furious (1939)
  24. Viva Joe Strummer: The Clash and Beyond
  25. 24 Hour Party People
  26. Johnny Eager
  27. Arizona Dream
  28. The Lone Gun
  29. Neil Young: Heart of Gold
  30. Traveling Saleslady
  31. Miss Pacific Fleet
  32. The World’s End
  33. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
  34. Dangerous
  35. Closed Circuit
  36. The School Teacher and the Waif (Cinecon 49)
  37. The Pride of the Clan (Cinecon 49)
  38. Let’s Go Native (Cinecon 49)
  39. One Mile From Heaven (Cinecon 49)
  40. A Fresh Start (Cinecon 49)
  41. The Holy Terror (Cinecon 49)
  42. A Blonde’s Revenge (Cinecon 49)
  43. The Good Bad Man (Cinecon 49)
  44. Transient Lady (Cinecon 49)
  45. Their First Execution (Cinecon 49)
  46. Hold ‘Em Yale (Cinecon 49)

1880s: 0
1880s: 0
1890s: 0
1900s: 0
1910s: 4
1920s: 3
1930s: 10
1940s: 1
1950s: 6
1960s: 0
1970s: 4
1980s: 1
1990s: 1
2000s: 5
2010s: 1

I saw a lot of 2013 films in August and so many more great ones are coming out in the coming months. I simply cannot wait.

Fruitvale Station. 2013 (Ryan Coogler)


One of my favorite new releases of the year. A humanizing film with a stand-out performance from Michael B. Jordan. Strong contender for Best Picture/Actor and one who will go far in the future.

Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim (Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen), 2012 (dir. György Pálfi)


I saw this at the Cinefamily. It’s a film most will probably never get to see as it’s a legal nightmare. It’s a supercut of several hundred films made into one beautiful narrative film. A triumph.

Arizona Dream, 1992 (dir. Emir Kusturica)


A bizarre film that saw a limited life in theatres in the 90s (and released in different years in different countries). It’s a bizarre one, but from a director who has a distinct view of the world.

The World’s End, 2013 (Edgar Wright)


My favorite comedy of the year. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I couldn’t breathe. Wonderful performances all around.

Let’s Go Native, 1930 (Leo McCarey)


I saw this at Cinecon and if you ever get the chance, watch it. It’s everything that’s great about pre-code Hollywood and one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

So that was August. September marks the beginning of my last semester of grad school, plus my 40-hour-a-week job, so I don’t know what my watching/writing will be like, but I will try to keep up, I promise!

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  1. I’ve never heard of Let’s Go Native and now I want to see it! Sounds awesome. Thanks!

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