Monthly Archives: June 2015

Movie Quote of the Day – Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, 2011 (dir. Annie Howell, Lisa Robinson)


Sarah: Are these photos useful, or are they just part of a big happy family charade we’re playing or is this technology actually just a way for us to run away from real experience, real despair, real loss?

Movie Quote of the Day – Pelo malo, 2014 (dir. Mariana Rondón)


Marta: Don’t put stuff on your head.
Junior: What should I do with my bad hair?
Marta: Your hair is not bad, my love. Just a little bit down there. It’s just curly hair.

Movie Quote of the Day – All Over the Guy, 2001 (dir. Julie Davis)


[Telephone Rings]
Eli: [On the answering machine] Hi, this is Eli, leave a message.
Brett: Eli, are you there? Buddy? Hello, hello. That’s right, there’s an X-Files marathon on. I cannot believe I’m friends with a Trekkie. It’s pathetic.
Eli: Okay, I am not a Trekkie. You got that? I just like The X-Files. I believe the truth is out there. Don’t you?

Movie Quote of the Day – Advanced Style, 2014 (dir. Lina Plioplyte)


Joyce: I never wanted to look young. I wanted to look great.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Bigamist, 1953 (dir. Ida Lupino)


Mr. Jordan: I can’t figure out my feelings towards you, I despise you, and I pity you. I don’t even want to shake your hand, and yet I almost wish you luck.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ir/Reconcilable, 2014 (dir. Gabrielle Fulton)


Grandpa: It’s just simple. See, everybody wanna tell you. Remember, 82% of everybody married in America ends up in divorce, so don’t get into that love stuff. It’s not about love. It’s can you be lovable? Then I’m safe with you and you’re safe with me. It’s that simple you, know?

Movie Quote of the Day – XXY, 2007 (dir. Lucía Puenzo)


Juan: Do you know what my earliest memories are? Medical examinations. I thought I was so horrible when I was born that I had to have five operations before my first birthday. That’s what they call “normalization.” It’s not surgery. It’s castration. Making her afraid of her own body is the worst thing you can do to your child.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Queen of Versailles, 2012 (dir. Lauren Greenfield)


David Siegel: Everyone wants to be rich. If they can’t be rich, the next best thing is to feel rich. And if they don’t want to feel rich, then they’re probably. . .dead.

Movie Quote of the Day – Hester Street, 1975 (dir. Joan Micklin Silver)


Gitl: Goodbye. Go in good health.
Bernstein: Goodbye to the boy.
Gitl: May you have a boy of your own one day.
Bernstein: From your mouth to God’s ear. To have a son, a man must have a wife.
Gitl: A wife you can get.
Bernstein: To whom would that I ask? What if she would say no?
Gitl: What if she would say yes?

Movie Quote of the Day – Miss Meadows, 2014 (dir. Karen Leigh Hopkins)


Mother Meadows: So. . . what does my little big girl plan on doing today?
Miss Meadows: I am substitute-teaching in a low-income, racially mixed bottom-scoring, first-grade classroom.
Mother Meadows: Oh, you poor darling. You could have run the charm school in a soon-to-be bankrupt department store or. . .been president.
Miss Meadows: But that wasn’t my destiny, Mother.
Mother Meadows: Well, I hardly think your destiny is being a temporary teacher.
Miss Meadows: Well, no one knows their destiny except. . .God. . .or. . .a best-selling author.
Mother Meadows: Well, I just don’t understand why you don’t something more. . . permanent.
Miss Meadows: Permanence is temporary, Mother dear.
Mother Meadows: Well, I suppose there’s some truth in that, Mary.
Miss Meadows: And truth is relative.