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A Year With Women: June 2015 in Films

June was kind of a hectic month, with traveling and family visiting, so my new-to-me watching was kind of low (but I *am* two films away from 5000 new-to-me films ever, so that’s pretty sweet). I did, however, write a great guide to female filmmakers for Dazed and Confused Magazine, guested on the Battleship Pretension Podcast and was interviewed by Authoright (skip to page 16), so all and all it was a good month. As always, my thoughts on a few choice favorites, as well as a list of everything I watched this month can be found after the cut.


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Movie Quote of the Day – XXY, 2007 (dir. Lucía Puenzo)


Juan: Do you know what my earliest memories are? Medical examinations. I thought I was so horrible when I was born that I had to have five operations before my first birthday. That’s what they call “normalization.” It’s not surgery. It’s castration. Making her afraid of her own body is the worst thing you can do to your child.