Movie Quote of the Day – India Cabaret, 1985 (dir. Mira Nair)


Mira Nair: Do you feel any shame?
Dancer 1: Why shame? You leave shame behind when you enter this profession.
Dancer 2: When I go out at night, sometimes a customer sees me and says, “Look, there goes that naked dancing girl, that whore.” I say, “Motherfucker, you enjoyed me on stage, and now you say this?” That’s when I feel shame.
Dancer 1: If somebody said that to me, I’d say, “Here’s my address. Come see me tonight.” If we speak of shame, then how would we work? And if we don’t work, the how would we make money? That’s why, in such a place, shame does not exist. If the viewer does not feel shame, why should the viewed?

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