October 2016 In Films: Silents, Horror, and Films By Women – Oh My!

After a really low month in September, things got really popping in October thanks to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival (in Italy!!!),wherein I watched a bajillion films. Well, not quite that many, but after the cut you’ll see what I mean. October was PACKED WITH CINEMA. Not as much horror as I usually do, but I got some good ones in there. October was a great month for me cinematically. I hope it was for you as well!


Before you look at this giant list and go “WTH, Marya?!?!” remember that I went to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival at the beginning of the month, and actually the list doesn’t even count the fragments or films I’d already seen before! I actually saw 181 fragments, shorts, and features over the 8 days of the festival. You can read more about my shenanigans there over on my Tumblr.

  1. Z Dziedziny Sportu Strażackiego
  2. The Mysterious Lady
  3. The Tight Rein
  4. The Silent Shame
  5. Mutt and Jeff Join the Opera
  6. Mutt and Jeff Discover a Wonderful Remedy
  7. His Friend The Elephant
  8. Operating On Cupid
  9. Somebody’s Widow
  10. Father’s Close Shave
  11. A Pair of Sexes
  12. Navy Blues (1923)
  13. Long Hose
  14. Street Life in India
  15. People Die For Metal
  16. Pożar W Zapałczarni
  17. The Man in the Dark
  18. The Everlasting Triangle
  19. The Mission of Mr. Foo
  20. On The Stroke of Twelve
  21. Animacja Czołówka Kroniki Filmowej
  22. Junnileusz 3-Lecia Klubu Sportowego Victoria W Częstochowie
  23. Jank Muzykant (Janko the Musician)
  24. Sowing The Wind
  25. Beyond Recall
  26. Algol. Tragödie Der Macht
  27. Así Nació El Obelisco
  28. Sāo Paulo, A Symphonia Da Metrópole
  29. Budapest Fürdõvaros
  30. Glorious Vamps
  31. Tempest (1928)
  32. Padenia Dinastii Romanovykh (The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty)
  33. A Trial of Souls
  34. Nanà (1917)
  35. Three Live Ghosts
  36. At The End of the Trail
  37. A Wife of the Hills
  38. The Greater Love
  39. The Escape of Jim Dolan
  40. The Rattlesnake – A Psychical Species
  41. The Trail of Cards
  42. Nana (1926)
  43. Namakura Gatana (A Blunt Sword)
  44. Kraków
  45. The Cossack Whip
  46. Pottemageri I Dahomey
  47. Africa Before Dark
  48. The Guns of Loos
  49. Die Weisse Wüste
  50. The Lost Paradise
  51. Do Paryża Na Harleyu
  52. Waltzing Around
  53. Inoculating Hubby
  54. Why Wild Men Go Wild
  55. No Parking
  56. Saving Sister Susie
  57. A Hula Honeymoon
  58. McKinley At Home, Canton, Ohio
  59. Empire State Express
  60. Roosevelt’s Rough Riders
  61. Governor Roosevelt and Staff
  62. Terrible Teddy, The Grizzly King
  63. President Roosevelt’s Homecoming
  64. Judge Parker Receiving the Notification of His Nomination
  65. A Visit To Theodore Roosevelt At His Home
  66. Roosevelt
  67. The Old Way and the New Way
  68. Pathe News No. 46 (Republicans and Progressives Meet)
  69. Warren Gamaliel Harding
  70. Democratic National Convention, New York City, 1924
  71. President Coolidge – Taken On The White House Grounds
  72. The Girl Without Soul
  73. Monte-Cristo
  74. Weighed In The Balance
  75. Amerykanizacja Stolicy
  76. Halsted Street
  77. Fukkõ Teito Shinfoni
  78. Beograd – Prestonica Kraljevine Jugoslavije
  79. Nipponichi Momotaro
  80. Der Adjutant Des Zaren
  81. Broncho Billy’s Narrow Escape
  82. A Girl Of The West
  83. The Craven
  84. A Bit of Blue Ribbon
  85. Una Of The Sierras
  86. Sallie’s Sure Shot
  87. Behind The Door
  88. Upside Down; Or, The Human Flies
  89. The Haunted Curiosity Shop
  90. Artistic Creation
  91. The Cheese Mites; Or, Lilliputians In A London Restaurant
  92. A Railway Collision
  93. Undressing Extraordinary; Or, The Troubles of a Tired Traveller
  94. The Waif And The Wizard; Or, The Home Made Happy
  95. The Magic Sword; Or, A Mediaeval Mystery
  96. An Over-Incubated Baby
  97. Scrooge; Or, Marley’s Ghost
  98. The Extraordinary Waiter
  99. A Chess Dispute
  100. An Extraordinary Cab Accident
  101. The Medium Exposed
  102. The ? Motorist
  103. A Lively Quarter-Day
  104. The Soldier’s Courtship
  105. A Collier’s Life
  106. The Fatal Hand
  107. The Hand of The Artist
  108. Keane Ou Désordre Et Génie
  109. Manden Med De 9 Finger 1 (The Man With The Missing Finger 1; or, The Murder in the Villa Falcon)
  110. Manden Med De 9 Finger IV. Mysteriet I Citybanken (The Man With The Missing Finger 1V, or, the Lonely House)
  111. The Goad of Jealousy
  112. Blue Jeans (1917)
  113. Le Musée Des Grotesques
  114. Les Fantasies D’Agénor Maltracé
  115. Jobard A Tué Sa Belle-Mère
  116. Jobard Ne Veux Pas Voir Les Femmes Travailler
  117. Jobard Change De Bonne
  118. Jobard Fiancé Par Intérim
  119. Le Retapeur De Cervelles
  120. Le Cheveu Délateur
  121. Umi No Momotaro
  122. The Wizard’s Apprentice (1930)
  123. The Dove
  124. The Arrow of Defiance
  125. When The West Was Young
  126. The Lieutenant’s Last Fight
  127. The Struggle (1913)
  128. The Flaming Arrow
  129. L’Onore Riconquistato
  130. Arrivée En Gondole
  131. Pigeons Sur La Place Saint-Marc
  132. Tramway Sur Le Grand Canal
  133. Grand Canal Avec Barques
  134. Panorama Du Grand Canal Pris D’Un Bateau
  135. Venise: Place Saint-Marc
  136. Arrivée En Gondole Des Souverains
  137. D’Allemagne Et D’Italie Au Palais Royal De Venise
  138. Départ En Gondole De Leurs Majestés
  139. Venetianische Nacht
  140. A Ray Of Sunshine After The Rain
  141. Flirtation On Park Bench
  142. The Summer Boarders
  143. A Strange Adventure
  144. Bezúčelná Procházka (Aimless Walk)
  145. The Irony of Justice
  146. Behind The Screen
  147. Beans For Two
  148. Monkey Shines (1920)
  149. Second Childhood
  150. Grandpa’s Girl
  151. No Sparking
  152. Sora No Momotaro
  153. Min Svigerinde Fra Amerika (My Sister-In-Law From America)
  154. Riders of the Night
  155. Karyjatury Jotesa, Serja VIII: Świat Filmowy
  156. Zza Kulis Dźwiękowców Ploskich
  157. Mocny Człowiek (A Strong Man)
  158. The Woman Disputed
  159. The Little Rascal (1922)
  160. Brooklyn
  161. Pickle (2016)
  162. Girl Asleep
  163. American Honey
  164. The Dressmaker
  165. Power
  166. Red Road
  167. Old Joy
  168. Night Moves (2014)
  169. The Caveman’s Valentine
  170. The Whole Truth (2016)
  171. Safe House
  172. John Wick
  173. Horror of Dracula
  174. Dracula: Prince of Darkness
  175. Certain Women
  176. The Tingler
  177. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
  178. The Invitation

1880s: 0
1890s: 7
1900s: 34
1910s: 66
1920s: 38
1930s: 14
1940s: 0
1950s: 2
1960s: 1
1970s: 1
1980s: 1
1990s: 0
2000s: 3
2010s: 11

Picking out favorites this month, obviously, is insane. But I’ll highlight a few anyways. (But do read my wrap of of Pordenone where I write a lot more about all those great silents I saw!)

Blue Jeans, 1917 (dir. John H. Collins)


I wrote a about this movie already on Tumblr, but I just want to reiterate that Viola Dana is an amazing actress and John H. Collins is probably a better director the D.W. Griffith and deserves to be rediscovered and reevaluated big time.

The Woman Disputed, 1928 (dir. Henry King, Sam Taylor)


Like I said on Tumblr, this movie really has everything I want. It’s a romance and a comedy and a drama and a war film and propaganda and a love triangle and a prostitute with a heart of gold. It’s perfect. I cried.

American Honey, 2016 (dir. Andrea Arnold)


This movie is nearly 3 hours long and when it ended I actually said, “wait, no, come back!” I just wanted to spend time with these people in this world forever. Andrea Arnold is definitely one of the best, most empathetic filmmakers working today.

Certain Women, 2016 (dir. Kelly Reichardt)


Speaking of filmmakers with a distinct style, Kelly Reichardt has a definitive style. She’s like Lynch or Wes Anderson or Jarmusch. Expect her style is subtlety and low key energy that shouldn’t feel cinematic but somehow totally is.

The Invitation, 2016 (Karyn Kusama)


I had no idea what I was getting into with this movie and I loved every minute of it.

Quite a month, huh? And coming up now is Noirvember 7!!! I have such plans for this month. Also, don’t forget to check out the Female Filmmaker Friday podcast; I’ve got four episodes up already and several more in the hopper! See you in December!

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