No Post For May

It doesn’t feel right to do a post this month, but I want to push you all to watch the films in Tell Me: Women Filmmaker, Women’s Stories on Criterion Channel.


Here’s the log:

  1. All Day and a Night
  2. The Half of It
  3. Ema
  4. Joyce at 34
  5. Becoming
  6. Selah and the Spades
  7. Clotheslines
  8. Un beau soleil intérieur (Let the Sunshine In)
  9. Carrie Pilby
  10. Loser
  11. Diabolo menthe (Peppermint Soda)
  12. Outside In
  13. Jean of the Joneses
  14. Qarib Qarib Singlle
  15. Galveston
  16. Rough Night
  17. Ophelia
  18. The Weekend
  19. Sword of Trust
  20. Paper Year
  21. Growing Up Female
  22. Janie’s Janie
  23. Betty Tells Her Story
  24. It Happens to Us
  25. Yudie
  26. Second Cousins Once Removed


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