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Movie Quote of the Day – American Gigolo, 1980 (dir. Paul Schrader)

Michelle Stratton: How many languages do you speak?
Julian Kaye: Five or six.
Michelle Stratton: Plus the, uh, international language?
Julian Kaye: That’s right.

February 2012 in Films: Oscars, Leap Days and Cinema Galore

While I didn’t manage to quite make it to two new-to-me films a day in February, I did see a lot of great films this last month. I blame not making my goal on my roommate for forcing me to watch the first season (series?) of BBC’s Sherlock; although it was fantastic. That and I did a lot of re-watching of old favorites. I found in my mission to watch alllll the films last year, I missed re-watching films that were dear to me, so this year I am trying to balance my new-to-me watching with a handful of favorites each month. Along with many a-watching at home, I also saw thirteen films at the Castro Theatre (only two of which were films I’d seen before). I also saw a film at the San Francisco Film Society’s cinema for the first time ever and Wim Wender’s Pina in 3D.  The Oscars were a few days ago; I didn’t write much about them leading up to the ceremony and I don’t intend to write much after it. I have been pretty disappointed by the whole race this year. I’m mostly just happy for Christopher Plummer and Woody Allen. 2011 was a great year for film, not so much for Awards Season. Here’s hoping this year is great, both for cinema and the awards. As always, after the cut is a list of the films I watched and five favorites.

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