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Female Filmmaker Friday: Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., 1992 (dir. Leslie Harris)

This is another film I first discovered during A Year With Women. It was recommended by several people and at the time was available on Netflix (it’s not streaming there anymore, but it is for rent on Amazon, Google Play, and more online video rental services). Later that year TCM aired it during its inaugural Trailblazing Women In Film celebration. It was scheduled to be added to Spotlight: Women Directors on FilmStruck with an introduction by Alicia Malone, however the service was closed before it got added. Last year, which was the 25th anniversary of its theatrical release (it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 1992), the film made the rounds of repertory theaters in the United States and the U.K. I’m hoping it’ll get a nice Blu-ray release sometime in the near future.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., 1993 (dir. Leslie Harris)


Chantel: Yo, people today be buggin’. The other day, I was on the number 2 train with my friends, just buggin’ out, having a good time, and people started starring at us like we were some sort of street girls with no future. Yo, when I’m with my friends, I act like it don’t matter, cuz it don’t! But between you and me, that shit pisses me off. When they think they can just judge you by the way you dress, uh-uh! I always get As and Bs in all my classes. I’m the best student in my calc class! People be trippin’ when they find out how smart I really am. Ahahahaha!