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Movie Quote of the Day – Ask The Dust, 2006 (dir. Robert Towne)


Arturo Bandini: Well, the night before I met her, I was in my hotel room on Bunker Hill down in the very middle of Los Angeles. It was called the Alta Loma. It was built on a hillside in reverse so that the main floor was on a level with the street. My room was down on the fifth floor so that my window was on a level with the green hillside, and there was no need for a key. The window was always open. I’d been going over the plans I’d made, since I’d come here like everyone else in search of fortune, fame, good health and glamorous women. Only I was going to be different. I wasn’t here to search for my future. I was here to create it. I’d write the first great novel about this place and everybody who came here from somewhere else. “The Road to Los Angeles” by Arturo Bandini. It would bring me everything I ever wanted. Now, after five months, I was trying to make a very important decision. What to do with my last nickel.