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Female Filmmaker Friday: Bend It Like Beckham, 2002 (dir. Gurinder Chadha)

This movie did not come to my hometown theater and I was dyyyyying to see it. I think it finally was available to rent after Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl came out in theaters. Of course, my hometown rental store mostly had “full frame” VHS tapes and a few “full frame” DVDs at that time, so odds are I saw a really shitty version. But I do remember distinctly watching it with my best friend Sadie (we were both in track and field at the time) and we both loved it so much. I think this kind of movie is really important for the development of the self-esteem of young girls. We need more positive, complex movies like this.
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Movie Quote of the Day – Bend It Like Beckham, 2002 (dir. Gurinder Chadha)

Dressmaker: Don’t worry, Miss Bahmra. Our designs will make even these little mosquito bites look like juicy, juicy mangos!