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Movie Quote of the Day – Jennifer, 1953 (dir. Joel Newton)


Jim: The old Padre must have been quite a guy. To build a string of these things you had to believe in what you were doing.
Agnes: It was easier in then.
Jim: Why?
Agnes: Well, they didn’t have the problems we have now.
Jim: Oh?
Agnes: The machine age and everything.
Jim: Uh-huh. What makes you think the machine age is our real problem today?
Agnes: It is.
Jim: No. No, our real problem today is the same one they had then: people.

Movie Quote of the Day – This Woman is Dangerous, 1952 (dir. Felix E. Feist)


Beth Asutin: You know, I wish I were back in the hospital.
Dr. Ben Halleck: Why?
Beth Asutin: I realize I was happier there, not facing realities.