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Movie Quote of the Day – Factotum, 2005 (dir. Bent Hamer)


Pickle Factory boss: What do you write?
Henry Chinaski: Mostly short stories. I’m halfway through a novel.
Pickle Factory boss: What’s it about?
Henry Chinaski: Everything.
Pickle Factory boss: You mean, for instance, it’s about. . .cancer?
Henry Chinaski: Yes.
Pickle Factory boss: How about my wife?
Henry Chinaski: She’s in there too.

Movie Quote of the Day – Barfly, 1987 (dir. Barbet Schroeder)

Wanda: I can’t stand people, I hate them.
Henry: Oh yeah?
Wanda: Do you hate them?
Henry: No, but I seem to feel better when they’re not around.