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Movie Quote of the Day – Jane Eyre, 1996 (dir. Franco Zeffirelli)

Jane Eyre: It’s a long way off.
Mr. Rochester: No matter; a girl of your sense will not object to the voyage.
Jane Eyre: Not the voyage, but the distance. And then the sea is such a barrier.
Mr. Rochester: From. . .what, Jane?
Jane Eyre: From England, sir, and from Thornfield . . .and. . .

Movie Quote of the Day – Melancholia, 2011 (dir. Lars von Trier)

Justine: You want us to gather on your terrace to sing a song, have a glass of wine? The three of us?
Claire: Yes. That would make me happy.
Justine: You know what I think of your plan?
Claire: No. I was hoping that you might like it.
Justine: I think that it’s a piece of shit.
Claire: Justine, please. I just want it to be nice.
Justine: Nice? Why don’t we meet on the fucking toilet?
Claire: Then let’s not.
Justine: You’re damn right let’s not.