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Movie Quote of the Day – Reckless, 1935 (dir. Victor Fleming)


Ned Riley: Not bad, eh, Mr. . . . ?
Robert Harrison, Jr.: Harrison. All my enemies call me Bob.
Ned Riley: Well then, I’ll call you Bob.

Movie Quote of the Day – Since You Went Away, 1944 (dir. John Cromwell)


Mrs. Anne Hilton: Tim!
Lt. Tony Willett: Awww, does it always have to be Tim?
Mrs. Anne Hilton: Oh, Tony!
Lt. Tony Willett: Yes. The eternal also-ran.

Movie Quote of the Day – Duel in the Sun, 1946 (dir. King Vidor)


Lewt McCanles: I’m riding back to that hitching post and then turning and starting to shoot.
Jesse McCanles: It’s more than you did for Sam Pierce! Why all the consideration?
Lewt McCanles: Just don’t want them fancy friends of yours to say you had a brother who shot you down in cold blood.