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Los Angeles, Netflix and Summer Under The Stars: August 2014 in Films

So much like last month, I did a lot of television watching in August (The Knick, Outlander, The Leftovers, You’re the Worst), but I also did a lot of rewatching. Some were thanks to TCM’s Summer Under the Stars (I rewatched Marty, The Blue DahliaShaneCitizen KanePortrait of JennieThe Third Man and several others. I just couldn’t help it!) I also went to a screening series at AFI called Reel Grit Six Shooter where they played six films (mostly in 35mm), each film being introduced by an AFI alum and they didn’t tell you what the film was til right before. As it turns out, I had seen 5/6 of the films before and three of those five I’d seen on the big screen before, but it was still a delightful series and I got to see Rocky on the big screen for the first time and there was lots of tears (“What’s gaps?”), so I can die happy now. As always, below you’ll find all the new-to-me films I watched last month and a short discussions of my favorites. Although, most of I watched last month was great and I had trouble narrowing it to five, so I actually talk about more films than normal.


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Movie Quote of the Day – Devil in a Blue Dress, 1995 (dir. Carl Franklin)


Odell: Hey Easy, find a job yet?
Easy Rawlins: I ain’t studyin’ no job, Odell.
Odell: Ain’t studyin’ no job? How you gonna live?
Easy Rawlins: I got a little money saved up. I’ll invest in real estate. Maybe go into business for myself.
Odell: What kind of business?
Easy Rawlins: A little private investigating.
Odell: You get in trouble doing that.
Easy Rawlins: Well, like a man told me once: “Step out your door, you’re already in trouble. Just a matter if you’re mixed up at the top or not, that’s all.”