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Movie Quote of the Day – Middle of Nowhere, 2012 (dir. Ava DuVernay)


Rosie: Okay, don’t tell mom. This is a serious theory, okay?
Ruby: Okay.
Rosie: So, I was watching OWN and there was this lady on, she was talking about how to meet your mate, key word being “meet,” as in half way. Put yourself in the right places to meet who you want.
Ruby: Okay.
Rosie: So, if you want a man that is going to mow the lawn, you don’t go to the bar. You go to Home Depot.
Ruby: Oh.
Rosie: And if you want a man that’s going to take your boy to see fireworks at the beach, go see fireworks at the beach, bitch.
Ruby: Is that why we’re here?
Rosie: That’s why I’m here.