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Movie Quote of the Day – Soapdish, 1991 (dir. Michael Hoffman)


Lori Craven: Hi. Uh, I’m Lori Craven and. . .I’m an actress.
Betsy Faye Sharon: An actress! Really! How nice for you! I’m Betsy Faye Sharon and I’m a bitch. Now get out of here.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Saint, 1997 (dir. Phillip Noyce)


Dr. Emma Russell: Wait. When am I gonna see you?
Simon: I’ll find you. You found me.
Dr. Emma Russell: Yeah, I did.

Movie Quote of the Day – Adventures in Babysitting, 1987 (dir. Chris Columbus)

Gang Leader: Don’t fuck with the Lords of Hell.
[grabs his knife]
Chris: Don’t fuck with the babysitter.