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Save the Harold Lloyd Birthplace!

In conjunction with Kristen from SalesOnFilm and Trevor from AModernMusketeer, we are attempting to save the birthplace of silent film legend Harold Lloyd. Our hope is to have the place appointed a National Historic Place, but this takes money and time. We’ve got several events coming up in the next few months and we need all the help we can get. Please take a few minutes to “like” the Save the Harold Lloyd Birthplace page on Facebook, where you can read all about how you can help and we will add any and all updates about our progress. I’ve also designed a banner you can use to promote the cause on your blogs and websites:



Silent film has had a huge resurgence in popularity with the release of Hugo and The Artist, but with news like the impending destruction of Pickfair Studios in Hollywood, it’s clear its history is still being threatened. We can’t let this happen! Help us fight the good fight!

Help Save Pickfair Studios!

An important part of Hollywood history is being threatened. You can read all about the history of Pickfair Studios and what efforts are being waged to save this historic place here. You can also sign the petition here. For the love of film history, please take two seconds and sign it! Film history is America’s history and it should be preserved!