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Movie Quote of the Day – Eyes Wide Shut, 1999 (dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Alice Harford: Millions of years of evolution, right? Right? Men have to stick it in every place they can, but for women. . .women it’s just about security and commitment and whatever the fuck else!
Dr. Bill Harford: A little oversimplified, Alice, but yes, something like that.
Alice Harford: If you men only knew. . .

Movie Quote of the Day – Darling, 1965 (dir. John Schlesinger)

Diana Scott: Imagine if…
Miles Brand: What?
Diana Scott: It took three.
Miles Brand: Took three?
Diana Scott: Sexes. To make a child.
Miles Brand: Very entertaining.
Diana Scott: Everything would be different, wouldn’t it, quite different, with three sexes.
Miles Brand: Haven’t we got enough problems with two?

Movie Quote of the Day – Two For The Road, 1967 (dir. Stanley Donen)

Joanna WallaceWhat sort of people sit in a restaurant and don’t even try to talk to each other?
Mark Wallace: Married people.

Movie Quote of the Day – Far From The Madding Crowd, 1967 (dir. John Schlesinger)

Sgt. Francis ‘Frank’ Troy: This woman is more to me, dead as she is, than you ever were. . .or are. . .or could be.