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Movie Quote of the Day – Keyhole, 2012 (dir. Guy Maddin)


Hyacinth: Were you ever young, father? When I was young. I used to think that I could save the day for the people I love. But I never saved anyone’s day.
Calypso: You haven’t given up?
Hyacinth: No. I can’t. I still have a son. You know when you start having children, you used to always worry that something terrible might happen. Little that you know, you’re the culprit of it.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Saddest Music in the World, 2003 (dir. Guy Maddin)

Lady Port-Huntley: I console myself with the thought, Chester, that if I hadn’t met you, I might never have done anything to be ashamed of!
Chester Kent: Why bother with shame at all is my philosophy.