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Movie Quote of the Day – Hello I Must Be Going, 2012 (dir. Todd Louiso)


Jeremy: I don’t want anything from you. I don’t. And I know that we cannot be together. I know that, but. . .my God, when I’m 35, you-
Amy: Yeah. Yeah.
Jeremy: You’re gonna be-
Amy: Right. I got it.
Jeremy: But I have to say. . .I just fucking love you.
Amy: I just fucking love you.
Jeremy: Okay.

Berlin and Beyond, Instant Netflix and Stars in Shorts: September 2012 in Films

September was kind of a lackluster month for me in terms of film watching. The new semester started and that reduced my time. I mostly wound up watching films on Instant Netflix while I was getting ready in the morning and most of them I found kind of underwhelming. I also reviewed a collection of short films called Stars in Shorts, but again I found most of them kind of underwhelming. I got to see my favorite film of the year, Chicken With Plums, a second time which was fantastic. I also saw a few things as repeat viewings at the Castro. I saw Magic Mike for a second time (I liked it even more than I already did) and I saw Pina for the 4th time. I will always see that movie when I get the chance. This last few days I’ve been at the Berlin and Beyond Film Festival (and cough a damn cold!). It’s on-going until Thursday and I will be doing a write-up when it concludes.

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